Papas World – a date to remember – June 5th.

It all started for me on June 5th. 1967 –

one week out of H.S. graduation.

The previous September – I was in a car accident

And at that point – I did not know if I would walk again.

I spent all 51 days in bed – in traction – unable to get up.

But – I beat it – my pelvis had broken – and numerous other difficulties

including catheterization for 41 days

and a high draft number – precluded me from the military.

No money – a child to support – no college.

June 5th. 1967 – my first day of work for American Olean Tile Company.

That date once again came into play in a major way on June 5th. 1999.

That was my last working day at the same place I started 32 years prior!

Only this time – I and my wife whom also worked there –

Were transfering to the Washington D.C. area in what is known as

Northern Virginia.

Fairfax to be exact.

We both would work for the company –

now owned by Mohawk – only at different sites.

Her in Dulles and me in Alexandria – Springfield area.

Our two daughters – my step daughters for almost 38 years

followed us to NVA.

And the next part of the June 5th. recurring date –

Last night – Friday June 5th. 2020 –

We signed the paperwork to list and sell our house

in Brambleton Va. In the pouring down rain.

We decided it is time to move on – to wander – to seek out new horizons.

A time to reflect not back on the past –

but to look forward to new beginnings.

We loved our home – our neighborhood –

It is not easy to let go – but – we are growing older

we are still able to enjoy life

and we make this move not with worries of what is to be-

But what wonders we shall encounter.

The date JUNE 5th.

The adventure begins today – one day later as the first buyer

shall come into our home.

I look around – there is a lot of “US” here.

Passing it on and taking the memories with us.

June 5th. 2020 – who knows what the next June 5th. brings.

The adventure continues – making memories – writing blogs.

Welcome to Papa’s World



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