Papa’s World – The years of our life together – now building a house!

While we differ on many issues – the one thing that brings us together is being friends – the other is love and finally understanding and respect – admiration and equality!

1981 – was our first date – 16 months later – we married.

June 25th. 1982

FRIENDS – then and still today – my best friend.

LOVE – forty years later – still love each other.

UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT – she smiles – often – she laughs often –

She understands me – guides me – I get lost! lol

I respect her – guide when I am able –

She in turn respects my thoughts – cares and understandings.

Debby Papa Sherry

ADMIRATION AND EQUALITY – two aspects that I have based my life on.

Both of these two are leaders – mother and daughter – SSC and QMND – The Juice Plus Company.

Home based business done over the internet – no inventory – just take a order – submit – everything

else is done by the company – they even collect the payment – 26 years in business- 21 countries. SOLID!

Today we have started building a new home – in Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

We – one year ago – had no thoughts of doing this – both are in our early ’70’s.

Things happen and change – roll with the flow – relocate – but still only a day away from family.

Our first purchases for our new home.

We have been busy – planning – buying furniture to be delivered – as we had sold all of ours!

We will miss this view – but – we have enjoyed it for nine months! MEMORIES!

Today we continue our journey – in a couple months we will celebrate 39 years of marriage.

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I will continue the story in the next blog.

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Tom ( papa) and Sherry ( MorMor)


FAMILY MEETS FRIENDS! Home business – health & nutrition

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