Papa’s World – The years of our life together – now building a house!

While we differ on many issues – the one thing that brings us together is being friends – the other is love and finally understanding and respect – admiration and equality!

1981 – was our first date – 16 months later – we married.

June 25th. 1982

FRIENDS – then and still today – my best friend.

LOVE – forty years later – still love each other.

UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT – she smiles – often – she laughs often –

She understands me – guides me – I get lost! lol

I respect her – guide when I am able –

She in turn respects my thoughts – cares and understandings.

Debby Papa Sherry

ADMIRATION AND EQUALITY – two aspects that I have based my life on.

Both of these two are leaders – mother and daughter – SSC and QMND – The Juice Plus Company.

Home based business done over the internet – no inventory – just take a order – submit – everything

else is done by the company – they even collect the payment – 26 years in business- 21 countries. SOLID!

Today we have started building a new home – in Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

We – one year ago – had no thoughts of doing this – both are in our early ’70’s.

Things happen and change – roll with the flow – relocate – but still only a day away from family.

Our first purchases for our new home.

We have been busy – planning – buying furniture to be delivered – as we had sold all of ours!

We will miss this view – but – we have enjoyed it for nine months! MEMORIES!

Today we continue our journey – in a couple months we will celebrate 39 years of marriage.

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Tom ( papa) and Sherry ( MorMor)


FAMILY MEETS FRIENDS! Home business – health & nutrition

Papa’s World – Eating out – Social Distancing – being careful.

Every morning with exception to heavy cloud cover – we wake up to this!

Welcome to Papa’s World – from North Myrtle Beach – in S.C.

Where we have temporary taken up residence!

The abnormal has now become the normal!

We sold our home of 14 years in NVA.

Stayed with our daughters for over two months

packed up and came South – searching for were and what we want to do next!

Sherry – at Hickory – just down the street – keeping social distancing – staying away from crowds and wearing our masks when out.

We have searched out and found places to visit – usually once a week we venture out to eat.

Always being aware and checking them out ahead of time.

Almost all have conformed to Covid19

Spacing out tables and we choose to be there early

before the normal dinner or after the normal lunch crowd.

And if we can not do this – then we order pick up and go!

We are in our dream place – beach – warmth – things to see and do – and GOLFING!

We found this by accident – and we knew we had to try it out!

Every day we walk and include the beach in that walk.

Yes – we are doing this!

But – we still believe in and practice Social Distancing!

The wide open beach is easy to do as you get nowhere near anyone.

Walking also is no problem as we stay far away from people and they also do the same.

And as you can see in the pictures here – our time to be there – lowers the risk.

Lowering the risk – only going in when it is like this!

Again – we limit this to maybe once a week.

There is a greater risk in shopping for food – although 99.9 % of the people

honor wearing masks – after all – it is not only yourself you are protecting

but those whom you come close to!

Common sense –




Today we live in a not normal World anymore.

The virus is real – and easy to catch.

The numbers are what overwhelms the establishements health care.

In large population centers – the volume –

critical patients – will take up bed space

leaving those with other life threatening illness

no place to go – as the ICU’S fill up!


Practicing social distance – courtesy – common sense

We are extending our stay here until the end of June

at which time we are hoping our build will be done.

Yes – we decided to build –

one half hour away into N.C.

Where we will still have this – walking the beach – social distancing.

Where we dream to be.

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Papas World – RESPECT – the store – your peers – family

The other day we were out on a mission

To meet a lady who had masks made in Vietnam

and were high quality.

We ordered 10 of them – at less than the going price.

And they fit much better than what we had.

But we had some time – so into Wegmans we went.

And there was not one person in that store that did not have a mask on!

There were a lot of people in there.

No one complaining – shouting – just people going about shopping!

This will rub people – it will cause some of you to be disgusted

You will say your RIGHTS are being infringed upon.

But – I will say – it comes down to RESPECT!

Wearing a mask will not keep you from getting Covid19

But if you sneeze or cough

and you do not know you are affected

It will help protect those you might have coughed or sneeze on!

So much in social media – so much hatred

RESPECT for that store

RESPECT for you peers

RESPECT for your family

The path may never be the same again

The journey will be different

But – our lives still live on

and RESPECT is much needed.

We will get better at RESPECT

or it will end up being worse than Covid19.

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RESPECT – the store – your peers – family.