Papa’s World – when Old Friends visit – we celebrate

All those years ago –

I am guessing 1988 or 1989 –

We – Sherry and myself – started playing volleyball in a 16 team league.

This was not your typical back yard game –

but you had better be ready –

Or you would get smashed in the face with a spike !

It was Co – Ed – and almost everyone was good –

A lot played in tournaments in NYS – Pa. and surrounding states.

This past three days – our friends of old – spent their long weekend with us.


Welcome to Papa’s World –

where good feelings – good thoughts -health & smiles happen !

Left to right
Tom – Sherry – Steve – Elaine – Deb – Steve – Chris – Mike

We were known as ” THE BEACH CLUB ”

fitting because we all took our vacations to what ever beach we loved.

Ours – Sherry and myself – was the Outer Banks since 1981 !

Steve Starks

Steve and Elaine Starks – from Portville N.Y. – came for a visit-

And – after all these years – still are playing volleyball !

Steve and Elaine

Although those years are past for us – we still get together – play golf –

Play cards ( last night we played a card game called GOLF)

And explore the NVA – DC area –

we have taken them almost everywhere the past twenty years !

Our LOVE of life has stretched for over 32 years –

Vacations to Myrtle Beach – graduations – birthdays and holidays.

And always a get together when we visited back home

Along with playing golf at our favorite courses when we lived there.

Our close friends
Sherry -Elaine – Steve – Cindy and Buck

Friendships that last years and years –

Even though distance is between us –

The excitement of those times we are together –

Enhances the fun – the GALS vs. GUYS –

We lost but had a fun time

And sometimes – it is us vs.them – as in Elaine and I –

Steve and Sherry – last time they beat us good !

Tom – Sherry – Elaine – Steve

The years go by – we remain friends –

there is a group of us –

Four couples – SWNY – NVA – Va. BEACH – & Wilmington N.C. –

Who stay in touch – plan golf – and visit – play cards – sing a little –

Have a shot or two of fireball –

And Laugh –

That is who we are – PAST MEMBERS OF THE BEACH CLUB !

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Papa’s World – what happened 50 years ago- well if we can remember – we talk about it !

Childhood friends – grade school – sleep overs –

getting to know their parents – the trouble we did not get into

the trouble we did get into –

When friends stop by –

You try to remember all the above –

and then – you get tired and say goodnight –

Those fifty some years went by way too fast !

Pam Bob Sherry

We grew up together in a small town in NWPA –

Six miles from the NYS border –

Where the drinking age was 18

where we lived it was 21 !

But that was later –

first we had to ride our bikes –

go to the park – hang out –

We had to be kids !

Bob Tom

Today – like two old men – we hang out on the corner and talk.

My -how those years have changed us !

But some things never change – friendship – trust

and old stories refreshed –

four friends from the past

riding through a path with pine trees

in a odd car called the NSU PRINCE !

You would of had to be there –

It was a funny moment for us.

The RV and car
Bob waving

Today they are retired just as we are

starting out on a six month journey

first South to Gulf Shores

and then West to Arizona

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BOB and Pam

Thanks buddy for stopping

50 plus years is a long time

now I have one more memory to cherish

Oh – by the way – we did use that 18 years old drinking age for NYS !

But those are stories and memories best kept to ourselves !

Tom Bobby Sherry Pam