Papa’s World – spending a few days with our daughter!

The last couple days we traveled to the home

of Mike & Debby and the three grand daughters.

We are leaving and taking Sarah and Ella with us

to the beach in Sand bridge – near Va. Beach.

We walked our three miles up what they call THE DAMM HILL!

And it was hot and humid – but we also walked across the dam

at Lake Holiday in Cross Junction Va.

The walk is full of up and down hills

but all on the road surface!

a view of the 240 acre lake from the dam.

This is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Va.

West of Winchester.

Behind us in this picture is the last big hill –

the one they call THE DAMM HILL and it is steep.

The family practices health and nutrition

Debby is a Qualified National Marketing Director

for The Juice Plus Company.

Mike is a Phys Ed teacher

Sarah Maddy Ella

We are taking the two youngest – Maddy has to work

and in two weeks will be moving into her new dorm room

She achieved a 3.85 GPA in her first year as a Freshman

She was named to the conference ALL AMERICAN ACADEMIC

while playing soccer –

and as part of that – will move into the brand new suite dorms for atheletes

at University Of Lynchburg – in Va.

Sarah and her love bird FENNY – who likes to bite me!

But she carries him-her around like this all the time.

He will even sleep like that as she holds him-her.

We bird sat – while they went away for a week –

and he will say PRETTY BIRD

after you uncover his cage in the mornings!

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Papa’s World – ” FENNY ” the love bird – Sarah’s bird

This week – we are babysitting –

well ” BIRD SITTING ” !


Welcome to our World – just another day in my life !

The Myers family went on vacation –

and when you are reading this –

they have already gone come back !


So – we are taking care of Sarah’s Love Bird called FENNY !

I have no idea if it is a HE or She –

But I do know he or she misses her !

We played a recording of Sarah’s voice

and he or she reacted right away.

When we walked away –

he or she started chirping like crazy !


Of course Fenny just loves to tear paper apart –

and there are all these toys hanging from inside the cage.

Our instructions were multitude from when he or she is naughty –

To when to give he or she a treat –

to a bath using a spray bottle

( think we will skip that one )


Being the youngest in the Myers family –

She is also the first to have a pet !

Mike – the Daddy –

can not be around any kind of animal –

He is highly allergic to them and can’t breath.

But – this seems to be working out just fine.

Now – I am not much on birds –

but I find myself stopping –

and whistling to him or her ! LOL

He or she cocks her or his head –

and after I am done –

will chirp back !


This week will be different –

When I go upstairs between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.

I put the cover over the cage –

He or She settles right down –

Instruction number eight

was his or her bedtime is 8:30 PM.


All in all – so far it has been interesting –

He or she whistles or chirps –

I whistle or chirp back –

We both seem to have come to a understanding of each other !

My thank you note to Sarah –

thank you for sharing Fenny –

He or she came into my life –




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Papa’s World – Grand daughters came to visit

We picked them up on Saturday afternoon – at their house –

Their parents were leaving early the next morning –

To take their oldest daughter to college –

They would not be back until early evening on Tuesday –

Good morning – welcome to Papa’s World.

We had the girls stay with us for three days – and it was a pleasure.

Oh – and we also had Sarah’s ( with a “H” ) she says –


Our three oldest grand daughters
Maddy & Ella holding Sarah

Finny will be coming to live with us for a week when they go on vacation !

Sarah – is the youngest at 13 while Ella will be 16 next month.

Sarah – our dancer – actor

Never a cross word – extremely funny – giggling and laughing –

Sarah can be a hand full – but she is so outgoing –

And she is sprouting right up there – Ella is already as tall as Maddy –

And I think Sarah will be taller than either one.

Ella is within a inch and half of Sherry – who is 5′ 9 ” !

Ella on this board that you wiggle back and forth and it moves forward

We took them everywhere

and they also spent a lot of time with their cousins

They constantly – the both of them – went up and down

and around the house on some type of board.

Sarah on her board

I would of been upside down in a second on these things !

Ella and Sarah

We went to the pool yesterday afternoon –

and they almost had it to themselves !

Packed up and waiting

Sadly – it all came to a end last night as they waited for their ride home.

People ask why we don’t move to a warmer climate –

Two of the reasons were here this weekend.

The house is quiet now – no laughter – no giggling –

No noise going up and down the street

I gaze at their beds where they slept –

And think just how fortunate we are –

Sherry and Finny

In a couple weeks – Finny will be coming back

But I miss them already –

Little ( tiny) Ella
Sarah growing up

Looking forward to the next time –

Two young ladies – laughing –

Made these grand parents happy for the weekend.

Tom and Sherry

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