Papa’s World – Love a little – Live a little – make a big difference in life!

Papa and Sherry – sharing life one day at a time.

We try as a unit to make difference in our own lives – our family – friends, and neighbors.

I call it Living Life My Way One Day At A Time!

Giving back or passing it forward – our way of life.

Sherry has a heart of gold – always helping out – always looking out for others.

We look to help when we are able and when we can .

That has been our life for going on 42 years together – 40 of that married.

Much of that time has been always together – sharing adventures – explorations and seeing the world.

We are in the autumn of our life – but still living it to the plus!

Thank you for reading about my little place in life.

Blogging for me keeps me thinking and active in my mind – memories – writing and sharing our life.


PAPA’S WORLD my site:


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