Papa’s World – Past thoughts – good vibes and humor!

I have always championed equal rights for women – and will to the day I die.

Life is full of humor if you look for it! LOL!

I look for positive stories to read and positive – good thoughts to share – life is too short to do otherwise.

Our brand new Community Center has opened – Pickleball courts – pool and clubhouse.

My thoughts have always been this – “DO THE RIGHT THING”!

Trying to keep the weight off – requires a sense of humor – at least I can laugh at it!

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PAST THOUGHTS – GOOD VIBES AND HUMOR – living life one day at a time and also living life to the plus!

Papa’s World – A little HUMOR – LAUGHS and GOOD THOUGHTS!

I try to live my life with humor – not laughing outright – but with funny thoughts that lead to smiles!

Keeping it all in perspective – I like good entertainment – shows that make me feel good!

I am not good with scary shows or violent shows although I have seen some good ones!

AAHHHH! The wisdom of our senior years – living life to the plus one-day at a time!

I tend to unfollow people who post negative or insensitive posts – I have enough negative ‘STUFF” –

I choose to read and see the positive side of life!

Life is full of choices – doors to open and walk through! LIVE TO THE FULLEST!

I hope this starts your day off in a good mood – enjoy whatever the day brings –

listen to the sounds – see nature and live life to the fullest one day at a time!



Papa’s World – Good times and Good thoughts!

Papa’s World is my blog where I bring friends – family and laughs and good thoughts.

One of my happy places is the golf course – if only I could play!!!!!

Laugh – smile and have a sense of humor – living life one day at a time – and to the plus!

We love living close to the beach – walking – sitting and just enjoying sun-sand and surf!

We are retired – with a home business – living out our senior years – having family visits and returning back home to see them

With friends, we just may do this in modest consumption! LOL!

PAPA – thanks for reading – my site: GOOD TIMES AND GOOD THOUGHTS!

Papa’s World – Life in good thoughts and laughs!

Mr. Rogers – good thoughts and caring – life with Mr. Rogers!

A laugh = a smile – along with good thoughts – life in Papa’s World!

Kindness – every day – we show kindness – hoping that it is passed on!

In my house, I change the cushions – instead of where I sit! LOL!

I want to show good thoughts and humor as a way to instill positive news into the lives of my readers.

The world is so full of negative news – and lacking in smiles – hug a person – shake a hand –

give kindness and caring for free!

Notice the sights and sounds in nature – the peaceful journey on a walk – look for sunrise and sunsets!

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Papa’s World – Good times – Good thoughts – Good humor!

Spending time with my sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES OF VACATION LAST SUMMER!

Papa and Sherry – our life together for over 41 years – memories of past GOOD TIMES and those yet to come!

Our GOOD THOUGHT for the day – living life one day at a time – past and present memories!

Good friends – Good times – Good memories – living the salt life in the Carolinas! MAKING LASTING MEMORIES!

My go-to GOOD START to every day – thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Good humor to make you smile – and hopefully – fall to sleep! LOL PAPA’S WORLD!!!!!!

Papa’s World – Humor – Smiles – Good Thoughts!

My day always starts off with humor – smiles and laughter on my social media page – setting the tone for the rest of the day!

A positive outlook on life! I will drink to that! LOL

WHAT is THIS? Why – to protect it from the low temps below freezing – a metallic cover for our Tower Garden – and it does just fine – but to me, it looks like something from “ET” or “STAR WARS”! LOL

A good thought for the day – one to think about – positive vibes!

HHHHHMMMMM – and here I thought it was the JUICE! LOL

Sherry with Cindy and Dottie – friends that make friends laugh – smile and just have good times!

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Papa’s Worldf – Pleasant thoughts – life with us!

Our life has evolved over the years – from humble beginnings – struggling – to now living our dream near the beach!

We want pleasant – good news – not negative – we choose to be positive and caring and helpful. SMILE!

We are careful with the environment – and we grow our own produce knowing there are no pesticides and is edible without worry.

We have been doing this for over ten years – if you have questions or seek info – contact:

Try to have humor in your lives – smile often and hug! Our way of life.

This is just a little bit about who we are and how we live- Thanks for reading!


Papa’s World – HAPPY LIFE – memories – good thoughts!

In my autumn years – I channel out the negative press – news – and look for the good in humankind!

Papa – chilling at Brickyard Landing golf course in N.C. – a fifteen-minute drive from our home on the ICW!

We had come to the driving range to hit some golf balls and then have a drink on the veranda overlooking the 18th fairway and green!

HAPPY LIFE living each day one day at a time!

While I have never done this – I have come close and one time my buddy did this and went over to the homeowner and said he was sorry!

That proved to be a good thought and outcome as the owner then accepted his apology!

My go-to when I feel the need to SNACK! Can get more info by contacting

I have been eating these for 16-plus years – sometimes in place of a meal or on the golf course.

I tend to like the TART CHERRY!

My wife Sherry and myself on the ICW with friends last summer – living the retired life in the CAROLINAS!

I live my life to the plus one day at a time – HAPPY THOUGHTS!

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HAPPY LIFE – MEMORIES – GOOD THOUGHTS living life one day at a time PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Random humor – smiles and thoughts!

To start your day with a smile and laugh!

Infectious smile – our Taylor when she was little – makes me want to pick her up once again!

At least keep your sense of humor – it could be memories!

Mine quit and will not be back! LOL

How your day goes is how you go! Think positive and be happy!

MorMor and little Taylor – same smile – growing up!

We all make choices – but my wife says “NO”! LOL

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Papa’s World – Happiness – Caring – Goodness – Humor!

I start every day by posting GOOD THOUGHTS on my social media account – It’s not much – but it makes me feel good.

Laughter – smiles – chuckles – I also post each day A SMILE for the day! It is a start to my every day – HUMOR!

The eyes and the smiles say it all – greet your neighbor – hug them – shake their hand – fist bump – be kind! KINDNESS!

It is within each of us to put forth generosity – giving – what we can and helping where we can! GIVING!

Our TAYLOR – I hope this blog brings a warm feeling – and I thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD-


Papa’s World – Random thoughts and pictures – friends and family.

Nancy Drew – Hardy Boys – Bobbsey twins – all books I read in grade school!

My daughter-in-law and youngest son – Trisha and Shawn – hoping they come back to visit this year!

A little humor to make smiles! Laugh every day and care – hugs!

Our daughter Tammy and the twins when they were small – they are now 12 years old! Taylor behind – Cassidy in front!

The twins today – 12 years old – Taylor and Cassidy! MEMORIES!

Lassie – Rin-Tin-Tin – Roy Rogers – The Lone Ranger – Captain Kangaroo – Rompus Room – Commander Tom – Ed Sullivan.

Gone but not forgotten – memories in my mind!

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Papa’s World – Sherry and our neighbor Diane on the ICW – boating – living life to the plus one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Happy times in North Carolina with friends.

The six of us have been friends for about forty-plus years. Living as neighbors to Cindy and Buck and Jim and Dottie grew up in the same little town in NWPA called Eldred in the Alleghany mountains as I did.

Jim – Sherry and I all worked for Dal-Tile – (American Olean Tile) in Olean, N.Y.

And of course, being and working in WNY – we all were Buffalo Bills fans – and we watch them whenever we can by going to

Buffalo Bills sports bars in our areas.

Cindy and Buck live 30 miles from us and we get together often to play a round of golf – have dinner and just enjoy our friendships.

Papa – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Buck and Jim – Dottie and Jim live in Va. Beach and in the coming years will build on a piece of property in Northern North Carolina.

They will be about three-plus hours from us when they retire.

Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – Forty-plus years of being friends. When we all get together – it comes down to Gals vs. Guys in a golf scramble.

The last time we gave them two strokes – they missed a four-foot putt on the last hole for the WIN!

So we tied 37 to 37!

Sherry and Cindy – both into walking miles and miles – I try to keep up!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

Playing golf at Magnolia Greens in Leland, N.C. where Buck and Cindy live. Living life one day at a time!


Papa’s World – Living life one day at a time! With humor and good thoughts.

MY BLOG: – living life one day at a time!

My two mottos for the way I live – not knowing from day to day – since my heart attack – what tomorrow will bring.

Every day on social media – I post humor – to make myself smile and hopefully – others as well!

Humor – smiling – good thoughts for each and every day – trying to make a small difference.

Giving what we can to those less fortunate. Helping – caring makes our life much more rewarding.

Papa’s World – I try to make it a place – a haven of sorts of positive thoughts and good times in our life.

Thank you for taking the time to read and see the world we live in the autumn of our lives.

PAPA’S WORLD – Bringing positive vibes to a negative world.


Papa’s World – Some humor and good thoughts to start your day!

I always start my day with something that makes me smile – and this does!

Laughing I am told keeps you young – at heart at least!

And then – there are little-known facts that make you smile! Never knew this! LOL

A GOOD THOUGHT for the day – makes one in tune with the world around you.

A SMILE and a GOOD THOUGHT on a sunset over the marshes in SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

My first two things in the morning are – WAKE up and HAVE MY COFFEE – then I am good to go for the rest of the day!

I hope this has brought you a smile and a positive start to your day –

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Papa’s World – Into the new year – good thoughts!

Share those thoughts – live your life – be generous – thoughtful and smile – it is a beautiful world.

Smile – it is free – hug – it is free – help when you can!

Someone may need your listening – lend your ear!

Share your humor – smile often – care – give and hug!

Papa’s World is about the life we live and family and friends – church and neighbors.

Traveling – exploring – a journal on our families for future generations to read and see.

Thank you for taking the time to look and read – come along on my journey of life!


Papa’s World – GOOD VIBES and THOUGHTS!

The world is connected – sometimes you see in clouds what you see in nature! Awesome works!!

Spread your kindness and cheer – smiles are free!

Being happy is a frame of mind – love and peace – gratitude and giving what you can!

Have a coffee – tea or your choice – just enjoy the moment.

Papa’s World reflects the above one day at a time and living life to the plus every day!

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Papa’s World – some random thoughts and smiles!

As we start the new year – thought number one – try to bring humor whenever I can and smiles!

Our new year – our second in our new home – brings many blessings to us – friends – family and neighbors!

SMILE – you are in PAPA’S WORLD – love – peace, and happiness.

Our world – help when we can – give free smiles and hugs – care and listen to those who ask for it!

Life is indeed a dance – music – good vibes – hear the song and sing loud!

Papa’s World – “SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS AND SMILES” in the new year.

PAPA’S WORLD – living life one day at a time!

Papa’s World – A little bit of humor and some good thoughts.

Take a moment – reflect on your past day and your thoughts on tomorrow!

Today is a day to think – to reflect on your life and those near and dear to you!

Bring smiles into your life – humor – funny things to start your day!

It all comes down to how you create an environment for yourself and your family. Make the best you can and love yourself and your family.

Be informed – read – be thoughtful – family – friends – neighbors.

Today is a humor and good thoughts – I hope this brings both to you!

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Good day everyone – a little smile to start your day! Humor – smiles and good thoughts – a frame of mind!

In my world – I love humor – all kinds – it makes my day and starts it in a positive manner!

Photo by Mayu on

Good thoughts – images – pictures – this is what PAPA’S WORLD is about – cross out the negative – embrace the positive – to make your day better!

What our life in retirement is all about – with S.S. – PENSION – 401K – and HOME-BASED BUSINESS WITH RESIDUAL INCOME – allows us to live our dreams!

Acts of kindness – hugs – smiles – giving – sharing – GOOD THOUGHTS – ACTS and DEEDS!

Welcome to my world – PAPA’S WORLD with my wife Sherry – living life to the plus one day at a time!

To see and read more – just subscribe – it is free and I bring each and every day positive vibes and an oral and pictorial vision of our life.

This is my way of preserving our life together for future generations.

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Papa’s World – Sharing good thoughts and cheer!

Life – love, and gratitude – share it – it is free – PAPA’S WORLD.

Select your news – read – there are good happenings out there – be informed – but be careful – fact check!

Give what you can – when you can – smiles – thanks – gratitude – kindness – are free!

Help feed the hungry – open a door for someone – a little act like this – brings thanks from the needy.

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site: my contact:

Papa’s World – Good thoughts and smiles! HGD!

Kindness is free – smiles are free – share often!

Each day can and will be a challenge – but at the end of the day – feel gratitude – for you have done good – sleep well!

Enjoy your children – enjoy their youth – it goes so fast – and soon they are gone also!

Life is short – but it can be fun – find the humor and smile – laugh and share – you are who you are!

I hope this brings some good thoughts – some smiles to you and loved ones –

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Papa’s World – Feeling good – Happy Thoughts – it is a good day to be alive!

Good day everyone – waking up – watching the sunrise – sipping my coffee – gathering my thoughts – I am awake – I am alive!

SUNRISE – one of my favorite parts of any day!

Welcome to my world – spread a smile – give a helping hand – be kind – it is all free to give.

Laugh a little – laugh a lot – laugh at yourself – just laugh!

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Papa’s World – Smiles – Giggles and Humor!

A little humor to start your day!

I look each day for humor – and something to make me smile and which I think to share with others!

Always smiling – laughing and good thoughts to get you going each day!
And yes – for me there is some truth in this! LOL
So – if you feel down – sad and just need a pick-me-up – then come to Papa’s World!

The sunrises here with a smile – laugh and humor!
Papa’s World – Smiles -Giggles – Humor – my site:

Papa’s World – Love a little – Live a little – make a big difference in life!

Papa and Sherry – sharing life one day at a time.

We try as a unit to make difference in our own lives – our family – friends, and neighbors.

I call it Living Life My Way One Day At A Time!

Giving back or passing it forward – our way of life.

Sherry has a heart of gold – always helping out – always looking out for others.

We look to help when we are able and when we can .

That has been our life for going on 42 years together – 40 of that married.

Much of that time has been always together – sharing adventures – explorations and seeing the world.

We are in the autumn of our life – but still living it to the plus!

Thank you for reading about my little place in life.

Blogging for me keeps me thinking and active in my mind – memories – writing and sharing our life.


PAPA’S WORLD my site:


Papa’s World – Early mornings – good thoughts and laughs and smiles!

Start your day as I do – good vibes!

Every morning I post on social media – good thoughts – acts of kindness – friendly greetings!

I have done that for almost ten years – it is good out there – kind acts and wholesome people.

I choose to spread this philosophy – to bring to all who read my posts – inspiration to do good deeds.

Along with putting a smile on your face – to start your day in humor – laugh a little or laugh a lot!

Play on pictures and words! LOL

I find this helps me start my day in a better frame of mind!

Humor – smiles – laughs – a good start to the day.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD my site:


Papa’s World – The “KARENS” may find you – maintain Integrity and “GOOD THOUGHTS”

Be the person who gives “FREE SMILES”!

It seems endless – in the mainstream of society now – those souls who seek out those who only

share their own selves in helpful giving –

Give – help – charitable – feelings – gestures.

The vitriolic spouts forth – shocking – challenging – names – accusations – and puzzlement – WHY?

It happens and you question sanity?

You slowly back away – disengage – something is wrong – your thoughts – unstable – danger.

Reaching out to them becomes a danger – best to back away – life becomes dangerous –

Then you become more aware – the crazies are becoming a normal way of life – “KARENS”!

You see them in videos on social media – thinking – that won’t happen here – but then it does!

You refocus – change direction – no contact – you become aware – but your life goes on.

Normal – sane – problems – chips on their shoulders? –

you no longer ponder why – you move on.

A lesson in life – a wake-up call – no bucket list here – just caution.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – my site:

You continue your life – love – country – family – church and God.


Papa’s World – Little smiles and Good thoughts!

We have done this! LOL

Each day on my social page I post LITTLE SMILES – SMILES and BIG SMILES!

That was one of my own rules to follow –

I try each day to bring humor to start the day!

Often times poke fun at me!

Love the little DENNIS!

It has become a routine over the years – and I also use them in my blogs!

Laugh a little or laugh a lot – just smile – start your day and live it to the plus.

Sharing GOOD THOUGHTS each day!

Kindness – friendships – giving thanks – in a world sorely needing it!

Every day I look for the GOOD things in life –

We are but a moment in time – so my thought is to express it – to live it and enjoy it!

Many quotes from this man – many thoughts – I find solace in his words.

I did not know who John Muir was – until a few years ago we went to Muirs Forest and Muirs Beach – what a man.

This is Papa’s World – family – friends – happenings – life – good thoughts and smiles every day.

Thank you for reading –

With a smile, we all are getting there!


Papa’s World – this site – kindness – good thoughts – trying to make a difference.

Make a difference in people’s lives – share gratitude – be an example.

My daily life on social media is to bring smiles – happy thoughts – good deeds – sharing thoughts – being a good person.

The news is filled with sorrow – hate – negative words – death and destruction.

Political discourse – friend against a friend – family against family.

Split down the middle and agitated with a false narrative.

Actions from adults are mirrored by a child – words from adults are heard by children and repeated.

Our actions as adults form the life of a child – repeating endless history through time.

The world needs us as adults to be the eyes of a child.

We form our children – we protect them yet they see our actions and imitate them for the worse not the better.

I try with my blogs and with my social media each and every day to spread love- kindness – happy thoughts –

family – friends – church – smiles – and positivity toward the human race in general.

In the sunset of my life – seeing the good – and giving what we can.

This is PAPA’S WORLD and WELCOME – thanks for reading!

Papa’s World – random pictures – kids – golf – and a rainbow in the fountain on the lake.

Today – I post some pictures – just random pictures – but ones I have close to my heart!
Taylor holding MorMor’s hand – in turn MorMor also holding Bode’s hand.

They adore Sherry – whom they call MorMor – Swede for Mothers Mother!

When we walk with all three – it usually is Taylor who loses out to the other two in holding her hands.

This time it was Cassidy – who with each passing day – is becoming more and more independent.

These two are coming closer and closer together as they grow up.

They are twins – but had to come early as Taylor was taking all the nutrients.

Taylor is going to be really tall – close to six foot while Cassidy will be like her mother 5’6″.

Taylor loves to ride horses – Cassidy has a variety of interests –

but will sit for hours drawing off her computer and is really good!

I thought this to be funny – it brought a smile to my face!

We moved south to find more time to golf – warmer weather and being close to our friends!

Sherry and Cindy – we have been friends with the McBrides for almost 35 years.

They moved about 25 or 26 years to the Wilmington N.C. area – and we would spend time with them once or twice a year.

Then we moved to NVA and they would do the same.

Now – we are building a new home about 40 miles away from them –

and if the weather is nice – we golf once a week with them –

always on a new course – could be on the weekend or a week day.

They can and do stay with us and we do the same with them.

If our new home is not done on time and we have to give up the condo – they have offered us a place to stay.


This is what we have wanted to do for a very long time – it was too expensive in NVA and down here so many courses to choose from.

We both have a love to golf – one of Sherry’s highlights in golfing came with the day she broke 50 –

and it was a day she was golfing with her father!

A memory she shall always carry with her on the course. Now – she beats me! LOL

The view we have almost every morning when we wake up – the master bedroom has a big glass sliding door on her side of the bed – where all she has to do each morning is open her eyes and see this.

I see it each morning also – but I always am up before the dawn – have been that way all my life.

My favorite time of the day – writing my blog – sipping my coffee and watching the sun rise –

listening to the sounds of nature and just enjoying morning time.

Now the sun shines – causing a rainbow in the mist of the water fountain!
A peaceful setting we shall miss when we leave – but we have had by the end – nine months.

A memory we shall carry forward into the new home.

You can hear the pounding surf a half mile away –

We walk there almost every day –

the water fowl – geese – ducks – mallards – swans – otter – turtles – snakes

and really huge fish we can see when we look down onto the water.

Storms blowing in and out – rain and wind – nature at its best.

It would of been nice to have lived to the left of the picture – single family homes!

But – they were way too expensive – and the condos here – not enough space and no garage.

We have a storage unit – not a lot – but enough so that it would not fit.

The town houses here besides the condo’s – were out of our price range –

plus the one we looked at – needed a lot of work.

This is a beautiful area – one I shall remember –

We were blessed to have spent time here – but it also was expensive!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World




MY BLOG: livinglifedoingitmyway






Papa’s World – laughter – smiling – sharing good vibes

Many of us out here – struggle with food and added weight –

going on diets – making pledges and looking in the mirror

Well – at least I found one thing on me that fits every year!

Good day everyone – when I started writing –

first on face book and now this blog

I said I would write smiles – laughter – family – friends

and adventures and good thoughts.

I have managed to do it most of the time regardless

of the goings on in the World.

I am a positive person – thinking that most things work themselves out

or in a 24 hour time are forgotten and moved on!

I take after my Mom –

one fellow co-worker after I told them about my mother

said “Now I know where you got the calmness and feisty

attitude from!”

I have always had a quiet sense of humor –

but when around close friends

my inner self comes out!

A few beers and a micro phone

Well – have you ever heard a


Well – that would be me!

Along with the humor and good times

family is important to me and my life.

I have two grown sons

and they live in NWPA

I do not get to see them enough since we moved to NVA

But – they have made me a proud dad.

The oldest can build house – beginning to end

by himself if he had too!

The youngest runs his own energy – insulation company

mainly for the State and power companies.

And I also have two grandsons who live across the country.

Close to us are the grand daughters and grandson

who live nearby.

FAMILY is a important part of my blog. MEMORIES!

My wife – both of us have our own thoughts on love –

country – family and social society.

Each in our own way –

but we both understand each other

and support each other

guarding each others back.

That is what love is to me.

My wife was the first to encourage me to write

as she was the first to encourage me to join face book.

She told me I had to put these writings – memories in a safe place

and she told me that I had too many friends and people

asking her on face book how I was & saying hello.

I am glad I listened – now I have all these friends

and blog posts – that can be read by future generations!

That is why my blog exists – my writings preserved

My memories of my life for our kids to read and see in pictures.

To date I have 259 members to my blog site.

Everytime I blog – they get a email

and what is so great about this

is that it is FREE to subscribe!

You won’t get packages or charges just a email

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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Papa’s World – Good thoughts and smiles!

Today – I share smiles – good thoughts and positive feelings!

We are following our new dream after 14 years.

Learning and using people’s names!

That is a tough one for me even though I have a good memory.

Sherry will introduce me and I just seem not to retain it!

But – I am going to try harder!

Today I carry this in my pocket –

and the darn thing has a mind of its own.

All f a sudden I will faintly here a voice and I look around.

Sherry just laughs – my smile for the day – it is YOU!

Lo and behodl – I pull my SMART PHONE OUT –

and someone is talking – could be a video – or someone I do not know.

Anyway – it provided a smile and laugh at my expense! LOL

Willie Nelson – part of the famous country singers –

who called themselves “THE OUTLAWS” –

says it simple and true –

Which brings a smile to my face

and good thoughts in my heart!

YEAH – on my bucket list of UFO’S – Loch Ness


Now – another blog sometime – or did I already write one?

I did see a cluster of UFO’S and have no idea what they were.

But – I would love to see a BIGFOOT – not up close –

but to verify in my own mine they are real!

And YES – after my sighting of lights- I BELIEVE _

As MUELLER would say –

“The truth is out there”!

You know – there is truth in this – enough said –


Been together 39 1/2 years –

Married 38 plus years

and now – we are on our next adventure

Time to buy the CRAYON’S! LOL

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

where everyday is a SUNDAY VIBE DAY!

Smile – laugh – and have good thoughts and feelings!