Papa’s World – our morning walk in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Ocean Ridge!

The entrance to Cameron Woods which is part of Ocean Ridge across the highway.

In part we choose this development because it has a place to walk! Quietly – and not much traffic!

Also close to the entrance – a retaining pond – one of many in the area.
A look from the street into Cameron Woods – Ocean Ridge.

This area was supposed to be developed much like Ocean Ridge across the street –

where the BIG CAT golf courses – four of them – are located.

When the downturn came – this section discontinued development –

somehow – Realstar became involved and is developing Cameron Woods in among all the lots that were previously

sold by the main developer.

For whatever reason – no one is building on them except maybe 8 to 10 houses.

This area is like entering a national forest!

The beginning of my walk back to the house from the gate. QUIET – hardly any cars!
At the beginning a few of the less than a dozen homes that were built here.
Then you enter the forest – there are utilities here – water – sewage and electric – berms and drains and street lights with Ocean Ridge on them.
I wonder just why no one is building in these sections with many named roads turning off the main road.
Might it be all tied up in courts or someone bad mouthed the development!

Very interesting – and we have been told – they paid a lot for these properties.

We made the right choice – our development is thriving – another and last section will soon open up.

By the end of the year – our section should be completed and all sold out!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

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Wild life is here – I have seen deer – turkeys – gators – turtles – birds of prey – not any snakes just yet!
PAPA amongst the beautiful trees on our walk.
HOME – the walk ends – Thank you for following!

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