Papa’s World – taking Bob – Pam to Sunset Beach, N.C.

Sunset Beach – noted as being one of the TOP TEN beaches in the country!

And – I can see why! This is 8 miles from our new house – Ocean Isle Beach is 4 miles.

They are as different as day and night!

Here – it is calm most of the time – with the wide level expansive beach.

Ocean Isle is not as level – and also the waves are larger.

Sunset is more residential while Ocean Isle is more commercial.

Both have piers and free parking and paid parking.

Sherry Pam Bob

Pam had surgery on her ankle a year ago – so she decided to not walk with us – we decided to walk to the North End!

Pam used the saltwater to soothe her ankle.
We began our walk to the North end of Sunset Beach – heading to Ocean Isle Beach.
Sherry – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – born 7-5-49 For help – EMAIL:
Our destination reached after 1.5 miles – waters edge – looking across to Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.
Thanks for reading Papa’s World:
Sherry -Pam – Papa – Bobby

WALKING SUNSET BEACH, N.C. with our friends – health and nutrition – HEALTHY LIFESTYLES


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