Papa’s World – Family memories and smiles!

Sweet Sarah when young – now a sophomore in H.S. and a SWEET 16! Growing up – love her.

Choices in life – choices to choose from – life is full of choices!

Ella – Sarah – and Maddy – Sophomore in college – a sophomore in H.S. and Graduating from college – family memories.

Daughter and mother – Tammy and Sherry – priceless memory!

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TAYLOR – one of the twins – MEMORY of time gone past – PAPA’S WOLRD – FAMILY MEMORIES AND SMILES!

Papa’s World – both alike – both so different – twins.

Cassidy and Taylor on their 10th. birthday with mama Tammy. Who also shared the same day as a birthday!

Recently – two pictures were taken

one of each girl

Taylor and Cassidy.

My gosh – when did they look so grown up?

Cassidy with MORMOR & Ginger

Cassidy – the little of the two

actually – their difference has about stayed the same

but now Taylor is growing fast

she is going to be really tall

like her MORMOR – Sherry!


This is all she wanted when small

Cassidy had dozens of stuffed Panda’s

all lined up by her bed

today she is the TECHIE one

and the CRAFT one.

She also is a perfectionist

everything has a place

and she knows right away if anything has been moved!

Note how neat her desk is.
Taylor – going to be so tall – she looks a lot older her than ten years old!

Taylor – whom I think will be taller than Ella ( 5 ‘ 8 1/2 “)

and Sarah at 14 (5 ‘ 6 ‘) and going through a growth spurt.

She is laid back – needs her own TAYLOR TIME –

And loves horses and riding!

Her room is full of stuffed horses and horse toys.

Taylor who rides once a week

We have been monitoring them at the start of the school year.

But – we are now gone

It has its challenges

for both the twins and the monitors.

It also is Bode’s kindergarten year

But – we are glad we have been a part of it for the start.

We will be gone for five months

coming back for Holidays


They still are so alike – I can not tell the difference

if they get excited – and I hear them talking.

Yet – they have different interests

so alike yet so differnet

when they all three sing

you do not know who is who!

As a monitor for two weeks – TEACHERS DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH!

I will not be surprised when we come back

the changes in both of them

it is not that Cassidy is small

but Taylor is really tall for her age!

Bode Taylor Cassidy

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Papa’s World – From LITTLE ONES to young Ladies – OUR OLDER GRANDDAUGHTERS!

What seems like only yesterday – has been 22 years in the making!

Early family picture before Bode and the twins not walking yet.

The three oldest are on the left with their parents – Maddy – Ella and Sarah – on the right – Taylor and Cassidy- the twins.

Maddy – now 22 – Sarah – now 16 and Ella – now 19

I remember all three – on Christmas day – early – sitting at the top of the stairs – giggling – waiting for their parents to wake up and go down for their stockings!

This picture would have been about that time!

Now today – Ella – Maddy, and Sarah.

Ella and Sarah are tall like their grandma – Sherry who is 5’9″ – both Ella and Sarah are as tall or taller.

Maddy is 5’6″ – like her mom.

Maddy is a senior in college – Ella a Sophomore in College and Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S.

The time has gone by so quick – the little ones are all grown up and now are SISTERS!

By that, I mean confining with one another – all there for each other –

although years separate them – bonding keeps them close.

Sarah Maddy Ella SISTERS

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The reason why for the granddaughters – Sherry – grandmother.



Papa’s World – When did they grow up?

It seems like only yesterday they were little ones running around!

Today they are grown up – two in college – one in H.S.

Where did that time go?

They still are full of laughing – smiles and giggles.


Sarah came along unexpected – and was always running around – clinging to her sisters.

All three are athletic – Sarah in track and the other two in soccer.

Walking the beach – Sarah – Maddy and Ella

The growing up – in college – and now young adults – and coming to our home – loving the beach.

They are these women

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PAPA’S WORLD – When did they grow up?

SARAH – MADDY – and ELLA – the Myers girls!

Papa’s World – attending school in Eldred Pa. – little community in the Alleghany mountains!

One thing I learned

My very first memory of school – sitting on my grandma’s lap on the front porch –

“Grandma – when can I go to school”? I asked.

We had just watched a neighborhood boy walk past on the other side of the road –

His name was Denny and I later found out he was two years older than me!

So – I am thinking I was about four years old and I can still see him in my mind and me asking her.

The old Eldred school

I attended this old school until the fourth grade!

It was at that time – we merged with Duke Center – Rixford and Eldred to form OTTO-ELDRED.

At this time a brand new elementary school had been built right across the street from the ballpark!

I would not have to walk a mile to school in the mornings!

But – I remember that old school and my teachers and the classrooms.

The very first class was in the front and face the main street and I had Mrs. Shields.

We started off spelling the normal way – sounding out the words –

but soon after – we switched to the new way – MEMORY!

That went on for a couple years but it left me and others I know – very poor spellers.

The Alleghany River
The floodwaters of 1972

Across the main street and the railroad tracks – lays what we called THE FLATS!

And just beyond that the Alleghany River!

It seemed growing up part of life in the Spring were floods!

In 1954 or 1955 or thereabouts –

I was told not to go near the water flooded on the main street – I was maybe 6 years old.

But – I had made a raft and was sailing it on the main street – standing up and poling my way around

in about two feet of floodwater.

Unbeknown to me – a photographer from the local Bradford Era Newspaper – took my picture!

I was caught – standing on my homemade raft – poling my way around the main street –


But – I also shared that front page later in life with my dad!

He made a bet on the heavyweight champion of the world fight and picked

FLOYD PATTERSON – the bet – the loser would wheelbarrow the winner down Mainstreet

To Slavin’s Bar – my dad won and made that same newspaper front page being pushed by HERKY!

A WWII bomber pilot who had been shot down and made it to the allies’ lines!

The brand new Eldred Elementary School

This sits right across from the ballpark and tennis courts –

I was the first class in there in the fifth grade – Miss Cawley!

Mr. Harrington was my sixth-grade teacher and Principle!

Many games of RED ROVER RED ROVER please send ???? over!

Was played right there on that circle drive in front of the doors.

Later in life – I walked my youngest son down to those front doors and inside to enroll him in Kindergarten – and standing in the lobby with all those parents he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a bunch of dirt and worms!

He had stopped on our walk and without me knowing – stuffed his pocket with dirt and worms!

THAT I shall always remember!


We were bussed every day from the seventh grade on seven miles to school in Duke Center, Pa.

Three communities combined to have one single H.S. but each community had its own

grade schools and one township grade school.

We had to find our own way home after sports practices if we did not ride the bus.

My good buddy and I – later in H.S. road with his dad to school.

We had a science teacher called CB SAWYER – who had his own music system in his lab.

He would play up to date 45 records of music between classes all day long.

His favorite back then was PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS – “GLAD ALL OVER”

and it was everywhere in the hallways – piped through the loudspeaker system!


I have always said someday I would like to go back and rewalk those halls to that blast of music!

It was across from here I watched a fight between two seniors – and I was one of a hundred people!

I still see it in my mind and they were about three years older than us.

Their names were Ron and Jim!

My senior picture

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My yearbook the year we graduated – June – 1967

Papa” World – looking back in time – THE TWINS – Taylor and Cassidy – such sweetness!

A little over 10 years ago – they came along – so tiny – early – because they determined one was taking all the nutrition.

And – the day they decided this – just happened to be their mother’s birthday!

That is right – mother and daughters now celebrate the same day birthdays!


Cassidy and Taylor – they were so small with Taylor weighing some 13 oz. more!

Does not sound like much – but they both weighed some 3 lbs. plus oz. !

Through out life for them – Taylor has always been the bigger of the two.

They were so darn cute – playing hide and seek!

Cassidy is a little spit fire – Taylor more laid back!

They continue to grow this way – my thought is – Cassidy will end up taller than her mother who is
5′ 6″ tall – and Taylor is taking after her MorMor ( Sherry 5’9″) and will be close to 6’0 when all is said and done! She already is over 5′ at ten years old! Look at Cassidy’s socks!
Taylor and Bode with MorMor( Sherry) Bode is going to be tall also as he is only six years old!

Sweetness – Taylor rides horses – Cassidy is the more serious type – she teaches the other two crafts.

Taylor is always ready to help her in schoolwork –

Cassidy the more daring one – you can just tell that by the picture!

Both love their MorMor and both will call her!

The little SPIT FIRE! Cassidy – ” Someday I am going to be big” she says!

She has the biggest heart – always watching over the other two – her and Bode are two peas in a pod!

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Papa’s World – growing up the grand daughters!

Sherry Ella Sarah

She had hoped they would choose to come with us!

The oldest – Maddy – decided to stay home and work.

She starts her second year of college

at the University of Lynchburg in August.

Sherry Ella Sarah

They have been a main part of our lives since they were born.

Maddy will soon turn twenty –

Ella just turned 17 and Sarah will be 14.

Ella Sarah Sherry

Sherry is tall at 5′ 9″ and Ella has nearly caught her!

Ella & Sherry

Ella now stands at 5′ 8 1/2 ”

and I do not know if she is done growing

it seems in the last year she has gained 4 inches!


Now Sarah is growing fast – she already has reached her Mother’s height.

At 5′ 6 ” she I think will be as tall or taller than Ella!

Which means they both are almost Sherry’s Height!

Sherry Sarah Ella Papa

And then there is Taylor – one of the twin girls

for our other daughter Tammy.

Taylor looks to me that she will end up taller than all of them!

She loves horses and horse back riding and at 9 years old

Is already almost 5′ tall!

Sherry and Ella

But for now – it is Sherry and Ella.

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Papa’s World – growing up Eldred Pa. – part three !

Terri – Boots – Mike

I grew up with my niece – Terri Luce and my brother Mike –

This was my early World – they were almost the same age .

Donna – my sister – became pregnant –

just after my younger brother Mike was born.

Donna was 15 years older than me & 20 years older than Mike.

Terri – Tom (me ) – Mike

We played together all the time – she was a little blond –

and Mike had curly Red hair .

I miss them both as they are now gone.

It was at this time – my mother would not let me go shirtless !

I was so skinny she thought people would think she was starving me !

Eldred at turn of century 1889

It seemed as I was growing up – we always had a flood !

One such flood – I was maybe ten years old –

I was told not to go down the street to the water !

Well – I did what I was told not to do !

I went behind Slavin’s furniture – and dug up some wooden pallets –

Somewhere I found some inner tube –

and I made a raft !

I launched it by the body shop – I had a long stick –

The water on main street was maybe 2 to 3 feet deep –

I did not know how to swim –

Unknown to me – a reporter from the paper was there

The Bradford Era !

He took a picture of me – standing on my little raft

With that stick in my hand –

pushing my raft down the street in front of Slavin’s bar.

To my surprise – that picture was printed the next day –

To the Bradford Era – the very same paper my dad always read –

delivered each morning – before he left for work!

Nothing was said until after supper that night .

I first was asked if I had gone downtown to the water ?

I said nothing – I could tell they knew !

Then – there it was – a picture of me on my raft with stick in hand !

Front page !

I got into trouble –

but deep inside

I had pride –

I had made the front page !

Just like my father had – after winning a bet on a heavyweight boxing match

He bet Herkie that Patterson would win –

And the loser had to wheel a wheel barrow down main street

with the winner riding inside.

My mom kept that picture and my sister also had it

along with dad being rolled down main street – FRONT PAGE !

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Papas World – A chunk of coal & a pigs tail!

I guess I was maybe 6 or 7 – and it was the morning of Christmas.

I had been bad – so bad that I was told –

Santa knew I was naughty!

Sherry & Tom

That previous Summer – I had run from my mother in the backyard.

I do not remember what I had done –

but my older sister and my grand mother

were watching me from the front porch – looking over the side railing.

My mother and grandmother were a lot alike.

Both small – grandma gentle with 11 children.

Mom had her gentleness but she was feisty!

She ruled the house!

Grandma passed when she was 85 – mom almost 98!

That day she chased me in the yard – I made it to the front porch

and I crawled in as far as I could go – spider webs and all!

I hated spiders and still do to this day.

She managed to coax me out – but I got a licking from her.

As I get older – I look back in fondness at those times.

My mom was very good to me –

That morning of Christmas – all my family was sitting in the living room.

And for my first present they handed me a wrapped box-

all red and white with a ribbon.

I was excited – my little brother was maybe 2 years old

I took the ribbon off and then the wrapping paper.

It was like a shoe box and I could rattle it by shaking it!


I opened the lid and looked inside –

I did not say anything – but I bolted for the door –

No shoes or boots and out I went in my PJ’S!

Down the side yard – I ran as fast as I could –

Through the snow toward the big red barn.

And I reached the railroad tracks –

And with all my might I threw that box as far as I could.

That was the Christmas for being bad –


Funny how things remain in your head –

I had learned my lesson

My mom taught me well – until she passed- we laughed about this.

She was tiny – she was gentle – she was my mom.

And today my angel in heaven smiling down.

She couldn’t catch me – but in the end

She taught me a lesson in life that I will always remember!

Sherry & Tom

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Papa’s World – Just another day in my life.


Here it is almost 1/3 the way through November

The leaves are coming down –

it is chilly at night

and once again it is time to pull the flowers for storage.

I remember my youth –

Fall was hunting season –

I only ever shot one thing in my entire life.

A Rabbit – and it did not die right away –

instead dragged itself along the ground –

I stepped on its hind legs

and it screamed !

That was it for me –

no more hunting –

Sometimes you just
find a corner
and observe
what is happening
around you !

Fall also is the time you get ready to rake and rake

Bags of leaves to be picked up on Tuesday trash days.

That is the day they pick up yard waste.

I usually end up with at least twenty bags of leaves !

Fall’s in my youth –

riding my bike until early dark

sometimes neighbor hood KICK THE CAN !

The neighbor hood on North Main Street

was full of kids.

Games were every day or just hanging out.

The saw mill up the street with a huge pile of saw dust.

The apple trees and chucking apples at the train as it passed.

Sleeping out on the porch – going inside when it became too cold.

Walking down town to the Texaco to see who was hanging out !

Memories of the mind –

Sometimes you wonder


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