Papa’s World – Family Photos and Memories!

Our daughter Debby and her daughter Maddy – memories from long ago!

Debbby and Maddy – from 2001 – our first granddaughter!

Today – she is a senior – having completed her fourth year as a Hornet at the University of Lynchburg soccer program

and as a captain in her senior year.

Twice going to the NCAA tournament in her four years and winning the Conference title in her senior year.

Our little granddaughter will graduate this spring with an Environmental Science degree!

My two sons from my first marriage – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right.

Shawn and his wife – Trisha! He runs his own business contracting out to the state and energy companies for auditing energy and installation for the elderly.

Shawn is a ranked nine-ball player in both Canada and the USA – winning his way to Las Vegas numerous times.

Troy and his partner – Andrea visited us this past summer.

Until four years ago – Troy built houses from the ground up – doing it all – then he joined Shawn and runs the installation side of the energy auditing business contracting out to the state in insulation for the elderly.

Papa’s World – – FAMILY PHOTO AND MEMORIES – thanks for reading!

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