Papa’s World – Taylor walking with MORMOR – BODE watchin ELLA play soccer all be himself!


The three older grand children all call Sherry Grandma – while the three youngest all call her MORMOR!

That came about as different grandparents are called by different names so not to confuse who you are talking with.

Me – I am called grandpa by the oldest and PAPA by the youngest.

MORMOR means MOTHERS MOTHER in Swedish – which Sherry’s grandmother came from Sweden.

She still has realatives over there and we made a trip 15 years ago.

Now – Taylor takes after the SWEDE side – Sherry is 5 ‘ 9 ” and at 11 years old – she is already up to Sherry’s chin.

Taylor ALWAYS reaches for Sherry’s hand when they walk – even with the other two – she loves her MORMOR!

She is going to be a true Swede – tall – blond hair and eyes.

She loves to ride horses and has become quite good at it at a early age.

She now plays soccer with Cassidy and Bode –

She likes to be alone and will go to her room by herself –

she reads and is quite good in school – she is the one who takes care of the new puppy MARLEY!

BODE – blond hair – blue eyes and at seven is also going to be tall – he loves Ella and sits all by himself –

Yelling “ELLA – ELLA – ELLA” as she plays on the field –

he has since he started walking following her around and she is so good with him.

BODE – no one told him where to sit – he went there and became so intense in watching Ella play!
Ella – number 10 in the white – is a Freshmen and has started every game for Randolph College.

She has played every game and only come out two minutes in each game.

She also is tall at 5′ 9″ and was recruited by two colleges.

Bode – has alwys adored her – has always cheered her on.

All three get excited when learning they will be seeing their older cousins.

Cassiy has always looked up to Maddy and chose to sit by her at the game.

Before the game Bode went to sit on Maddy’s lap and Cassidy moved over to sit by her.

Maddy starts for University of Lynchburg soccer team

which is ranked Number 22 in the national polls in Division three.

She came to watch Ella play.


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