Papa’s World – nature abounds in beauty where we live!

Sunset over the marsh – Jinks Creek – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

We moved South from NVA which was where we thought we would stay in retirement!

But – then the Pandemic and the downturn hit – but our home value soared!

It was time – so we sold almost everything and came South –

to the border region of N.C. and S.C. – to OIB!

Break of dawn at our home in Cameron Woods Community, OIB!
Sunset from our home in Cameron Woods Community, OIB!

From our driveway, we get to see both sunrise and sunsets here in N.C. –

and we are only a couple miles from the beach!

Sunset Beach from the pier.

We are close to two beaches – Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, N.C.

Nature in bloom – Sunset Beach.
Papa, walking the surf on the beach.
Sunset toward Ocean Isle Beach
Thank you for reading Papa’s World –
Papa – Ella and Sherry – our backyard in Cameron Woods Community, OIB!

Papa’s World – the beauty of nature where we live!

2 thoughts on “Papa’s World – nature abounds in beauty where we live!

  1. I’ve mentioned that the only thing I would be worried about in your area is snakes since I have such a dislike of them but know you have not seen hardly any. My sister who lives way inland in S Carolina opened her front door last week to go out and get her paper and found a black snake she thought to be 5 or 6 feet long on the cement right outside her door. She said it was moving pretty slowly so she gave it a little tap with her foot so it would move a little faster. Obviously, she has no problems with snakes. She even brought one in the house when she was a young child. She had to go to the bathroom and my mother heard her talking and thought she was talking to a doll. Nope, it was the snake and when my mother came upon it while pushing the dust mop she was a little shocked. Same sister who kept her son’s python until she could find a good home for it when he was sent overseas while in the army. Thought you would get a kick out of this.



    • That is funny and I did enjoy reading this – I have developed a habit of always looking out the door window or turning the outside lights on in the dusk or dark. I now reach around and flip the light switch in the garage before I step out and I am always looking. The gators – you can usually spot them in the distance and I do not go to water edges unless I have stood and eyed everything – and that is most rare when I do that – usually 5 or 10 feet back. I do not go into deep grass and the snakes bother me more as you sometimes do not see them unless they move. We now have seen three dead snakes on the roads here – two copperheads and a black snake. We saw one black snake last summer on the trail ahead of us and we turned around. I worry about them getting into the garage and I have twice spread snakes be gone around the entire perimeter of the house. Thanks for your comment and HGD!


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