Papa’s World – In a Halloween place far – far away is a Star Wars family and their puppy MARLEY!

Our daughter Tammy and the grandkids – Bode – Taylor – Tammy – Cassidy and Marley – the puppy!

They dressed as a family with characters from Star Wars and got Marley to dress and pose also!

Halloween was an adventure for them.

I love the way they look!

Bode Taylor and Cassidy

We miss these times with them – but a reward is when they come to visit – they spent a week with us in August!

Taylor bear and Bode

Age 11 and 7 – both are going to be so tall!

Blond hair and blue eyes – MorMor’s Swedish heritage coming through.

Tayor – Mommy Tammy – and Cassidy

Cassidy – the one who mothers Bode – always watching over him in a protective way – holding his hand in the waves of the ocean. Make sure he is okay.

And of course the last addition to the family – the puppy MARLEY – see below!
If MARLEY the puppy could talk – ” Don’t worry – BE HAPPY”!

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