Papa’s World – Lunch on the beach at Snooky’s and seeing DARTH VADER!

The view from the top deck and bar of Snooky’s on the beach – the other Snooky’s is situated on the ICW!

We decided after our attempt to walk the beach –

which was very windy and cold –

to drive back down the Ocean Blvd to Snooky’s!

Sherry and I brought Tammy and the little ones here when they visited.

Sarah and Debby at the table surrounded by heaters!

It was chilly out on the open patio.

We choose this because of the heaters and wanting to be out in the open

for social distancing.

Every other table was empty!

This was the last full day they would be here!

The four days have gone by so quickly.

We packed a lot into it – Mike is a teacher and could not come down.

Maddy is in college with her classes and in the middle of Spring Soccer.

Ella a senior in H.S. Debby – oldest daughter Sarah – youngest of the three – in 8 th. grade

We sat out there on the patio – when I heard Sherry exclaim ‘ THERE HE IS” pointing toward the beach!

She had read a article in the newspaper and seen the interview on TV.

A man who was dressing up as DARTH VADER in Myrtle Beach and walking up and down the beach

entertaining the children – with his Laser –

And he happened to be right here!

Sherry and Ella

Now Ella is a huge – huge Star Wars fan!

For her 16th. birthday as a present – we took her to Florida with us for a week.

And the highlight of that trip was her going to the STAR WARS park.

That was what she wanted to do forever!

DARTH VADER about to walk out on the beach!

So – they both got up – Sherry and Ella – and down the deck they went!

I went up on the top deck so I could get a clear picture of what was going on the beach!

Here Sherry and Ella are nearing DARTH VADER who is Laser fighting with a young boy!

She has Star Wars figurines from her youth – ever since she could walk and talk.

She has seen every movie – over and over again.


This was one of her highlights of the entire trip to visit us at the beach!

And it was all by chance – we wanted lunch – we selected Snooky’s because it was close

And we knew they had heaters outside!

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For those of you whom are interested in Health and Nutrition

Sherry is a Certified Health Coach and a Senior Sales Coordinator for The Juice Plus Company

Which has been in business for almost 50 years!

Currently sold in over 20 countries.

Sherry – wife of Papa – for almost 8 years guiding me through my heart attack and four by passes – with health and nutrition – she has given me every day since – I am grateful – and will listen to her every day I have left.

Sherry’s site:

Her Title: SSC

Her country wide team: TEAM GENERATIONS

Certifications: Certified Health Coach through Dr. Bill Sears – author- “Ask Dr. Sears” over 40 published books –

and known as the Children’s doctor – all across the World.

To contact other than the website: for more information – 15 years and going strong.

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