Papa’s World – Backyard – SNAKE watching!

Sitting on my open-air patio – I have seen two snakes on the lawn in a couple days!

This has been the first time I have seen snakes in the backyard!

I knew they were around – I was sitting out here and saw my first one

about twenty feet away.

I am respectful of snakes as long as they keep their distance.

This one was coming through the grass straight at me!

I first saw it right over the top of the solo stove in the shade to the right of the palm tree.

When I got up and took a step toward it – it stopped and raised its head.

It was not afraid of me and just stayed where it was at.

I managed to get a picture of it and later identified it as non-poisnous

But it was long – and extensive around – a water snake someone said.

Now – we are in a drought and very dry.

The woods is where it came from and there is a pond about a quarter-mile away.

But no water back there.

The woods line the entire backyard and are protected and will stay there.

I know snakes are in there but we do not go near them and always are watching and looking down.

The next day I saw a small black snake – in the same place!

Both snakes – as soon as I turned away – reversed their direction and very quickly went back into the woods.

Since then I have made sure the grass is cut low – they like long grass –

and we bought SNAKE-BE-GONE and MOTH BALLS!

I spread it all along the tree line – so far have not seen anymore.

But – our neighbors down the street – had a timber rattler in their yard that bit their dog!

They rushed it to the vet and was saved and took a picture of the snake,

So – we are careful when out in the yard or walking the streets and paths.

We are investigating other methods of snake control –

we have several species of dangerous snakes in this state.

I respect nature but also want to protect ourselves and our company.

It is all part of living in the south.

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Papa’s World – Sunset -Sunrise and the Tower Garden!

A look to the East at Sunset

From the end of our driveway – we can see both the Sunrise and the Sunset!

As the fall comes on and summer has ended – the Sun starts to move each day –

and in this picture – the sunrise is more to the right – in the fall it has moved to the left.

Turning around and facing the house – the Sunset in the West!

We came to view this lot at around 2:00 pm. on a sunny afternoon a year ago last October.

And we could see how the Sun would go across the lot

and knew we would have views of Sunrise and Sunset – we were hooked and the trees would remain.

Standing on our patio in the backyard – The trees and the Sunset.

Our view every night – Sunset in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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Papa and Sherry – PAPA’S WORLD

Papa’s World – Building a new home – crossing off home improvements – one at a time!

When we decided to build a new home – we made our selections – but there were things we wanted that had to come after the build – they – the builders did not offer them!

We had a list of things – small – and we had to either hire them done – or do them ourselves / some had to do with landscaping!

Those we hired to be done – involving planting trees – taking out pine straw – replacing with stones and rocks.

And putting in yards of mulch.

Having already removed everything from the outdoor patio – I put down two coats of outdoor concrete paint!

This we had wanted to do from the start – along with doing the same to the enclosed covered lanai.

Here – Sherry and I placed all the furniture from inside outside so I could prep and paint!

When you get old – crawling around on concrete does a number on your knees and feet!

So – I folded up old towels – four of them and would spread them out – so I could move along and paint the trim areas.

But – being old – I still needed to stand up after reaching the end of the four towels – just to stretch those muscles!

The enclosed lanai – working my way from that end to the door that opened up on the patio.
The final stretch – the open door!

It took me two days but I did it! Cross this off the list – and now to put it all back together again.

The end product – inside the lanai!
Inside looking outside to the outdoor patio.
At last, we are done with this project – cross it off the list!

Being old does not mean you can not accomplish a planned project – I know my limitations –

The feeling when done – is worth all those aches and pains!

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PAPA’S WORLD – crossing off home improvements one at a time!

Papa’s World – the new home landscaped – irrigation in and trees planted!

In a few days we will close and be in!

The landscape is done – I am not a fan of pine needles instead of mulch – but we had no choice –

May be one of the first things we change!

But – here are two Crepe Myrtles on either side of the house –

plus a live oak tree in the front!

Here is my favorite – front porch – covered and in shade most of the day!

I am a front porch sitter – talking to people as they walk by –

this is one of the main reasons we choose this elevation –

plus the fact we could convert the dining room into a enclosed office space with french doors!

The back of the house – master bedroom to the left – open patio center and the covered enclosed lanai.

We will have a portable fire pit out here with furniture – and it was suggested to maybe a retractable awning!

The lawn runs to the treeline – which will not be cut down – and these will be the only houses you will see on the other side! This is a protected area – can not even touch the tree already down.

We have a decent sized yard – and since we sold all our yard work tools – we will contract out the mowing!

Inside the covered lanai looking out – first thing to go will be the pine needles!
The protected tree line to the right of the house.
Looking straight into the woods from the open patio!

We are happy with the back yard and the way it slopes into the woods. Drainage will not be a problem.

We are in a no flood zone here and 54 feet above sea level.

The ICW is straight East from here 2 to 3 miles away.

If a Hurricane does present itself – we will leave and go inland or to our friends.

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Papa’s World – the trim work is done – the grading complete – doors hung – almost there!

The dormer siding is done – landscaping in and irrigation done – the grass is in even though I have no pictures!
Before the landscaping and irrigation – the grading – has to be smoothed out!
The irrigation in and being tested – the landscaping in – grass has now been added – as has the garage door – and gutters are on – the lanai has been screened in and painting on inside started!
The trim is done – repairs made to drywall and sanded down – painting has begun! This is the sun room.
The lanai which has since been screened in – Sherry standing where door will be to the open patio and fire pit.

We get daily updates from a neighbor – the Quartz has been delivered – I know there was a wait for the tile!

French doors to the office – this is one of the main reasons we selected this model – along with a front porch! The layout provided us a place for desks for Sherry’s Internet business and a place for me to write!
Nice size trees and one more on the other side of the driveway! I like the bushes – and we will develop the back the way we want to plant – we envision large planters of flowers also.
Sherry standing in the covered front porch which I wanted as I sit on the porch all the time- Love when it is a light rain!
Walking is our way to stay healthy – praying for World peace – loving our family – friends – neighbors!
Hall closet – pantry and kitchen with island – quartz counter tops and 12 inch subway tile for back splash!
Breakfast nook with windows out to the enclosed screened in lanai!


MASTER BEDROOM – Tray ceiling – bump out – ceiling fan to be installed – there will be a total of seven ceiling fans to circulate the air when not using the AC!
The left side of the house with landscaping and third tree!



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Papa’s World – Drywall done – cabinets in – tile next – getting close!

We pulled up to the front of the house – DRYWALL in the trash bin!

You see – there has been a delay and shortage in drywall – all over the country –

which has held up our completion by a month! Along with inspectors and inspections!

I was excited as this meant the drywall was being put in!

When I walked into the garage – it had the first coat of MUD on!
Then – I went inside and it was all done – first coat of mud – we were back on schedule after four weeks!

It has been a long four to five weeks with hardly any progress – but we prayed and it is now moving forward.

Looking toward the front from the sun room – to the left – hallway – entrance to the bedrooms and bathroom – middle is outer wall to the office – and to the right hallway to laundry room and garage. Open space is vaulted living room.
The kitchen and breakfast nook.
Window to the left – breakfast nook and the yard – rear windows – the outside enclosed lanai.
Looking from the hallway into the living room – to the left – kitchen island and the breakfast nook – to the right – Sherry standing in the sun room. The whole back of the house is windows – open patio behind her through the windows.
Master bedroom with bathroom to the left and hall way door to the right.

And two days later when we visited – the mud on the dry wall was completed – sanded – and we had CABINETS!

Kitchen and Island
Master bathroom
Guest bathroom

We are excited – they told us tile is going in – grading outside – doors to be hung.

Now there is a delay and shortage on PAINT!

Because of the ICE STORM in Texas and the Pandemic.

They told us they would continue doing the things they could until they got the paint.
Master bedroom

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Our new community – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side – LOT # 89!

We are happy – moving forward -perhaps by the time this posts – we will have a move in date!

Our lot is backed by trees that will not be cleared – it is deemed protected wetlands.

We will have lots of roads to walk and new trails going in.

Almost all the purple area has been sold years ago – but no one has seemed to build on them –

maybe a half dozen really big homes!

We do not know why – investment?

You can buy lots there from individuals for a hefty price!

For now it remains paved roads – old growth shaded trees and street lights – utilities

and beautiful green areas and ponds.





Papa’s World – golfing Magnolia Greens – home course of friends – beautiful!

Sherry and Cindy – they decided to walk the 18 holes – Sherry got a new pull cart!

I actually believe these 27 holes compare to the best in the area including Myrtle Beach!

On this day – the flowers were in full bloom and reminded me of Augusta!

Almost every hole was like this!
A view of the driving range from the outdoor patio of the clubhouse!
Sherry Cindy and Buck – having a beverage on the outdoor patio after 18 holes!
On one of the tee boxes – everything was blooming!

We have played this course many times over the years!

They have called this home for at least twenty years.

Having bought and sold and built here many times.

This is the main reason we came South to this general area.

Our new home will be about 40 minutes away –

so daily golf is available!

Sherry on the patio of their home that overlooks one of the large waterways on the course!
Cindy on the same patio of their home looking in a different direction from Sherry!
Cindy was to the left – Sherry to my right and Buck straight across from me – looking at the course across the water!

This is the second home they have built here – both in this water area and both had like views –

only this one is downsized from the other one.

Buck and I on the tee box about to tee off!

We – Buck and I – did our usual scramble – and we had a record for us – we shot a 39 with a double boogie the last hole!

If you are ever in N.C. just South of Leland and Wilmington – this is a public course – 27 holes – stop in and make a tee time – it will surprise you and you will love it – one of the best around the area!
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Papa’s World – Stopped at Patio’s in Little River S.C. Saw Weekend with Bernie and a Eagle

We had journeyed to Cameron Woods – to see how the construction on the house was coming along!

No one works on Sunday – so we could park and walk around!

Then – after we left – I said – ” How about we drive down into the waterfront at Little River”?

When we first came down here – we had driven down into the area and saw all these neat local places to eat!

First impressions are – you want to go with someone else – there is a biker bar there.

But – after walking around – I can now see it is okay!

We followed some signs that led us to a place called PATIO’S!

Off the beaten path but we walked to it!

And – then we were greeted by BERNIE!


I laughed – this was funny – and a place I felt comfortable in! BERNIE!
We seated ourselves on the outside patio decks – and listened to the live music.

I had my first draft beer in three weeks!

I really do not drink all that much – seldom the hard stuff – mostly drink water!

But – for some reason sitting on the ICW – listening to a good lady singer –

singing from requests all the music I love – EAGLES – when low and behold – one perched just outside the deck!

A bald eagle landed and sat there while she was singing a EAGLE’S song!
Then it lifted off and soared overhead – circling the entire patio!
And landed once again on the peak of the fishing shack right beside us!
We decided we are going back here and bring our guests here!
Sherry had the Sushi from the Sushi bar! And said it was very good!

I on the other hand did not eat – but rather had my second draft of a light IPA


Normally I do not drink IPA’s as I feel they are too heavy – but I liked this one –

enough so I had a second one!

12 oz drafts are just enough for me!

View of the ICW from Patio’s!

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And of course come and visit Bernie at PATIO’S – you just might also see a EAGLE while listening to a EAGLE’S song!


Papa’s World – Lunch on the beach at Snooky’s and seeing DARTH VADER!

The view from the top deck and bar of Snooky’s on the beach – the other Snooky’s is situated on the ICW!

We decided after our attempt to walk the beach –

which was very windy and cold –

to drive back down the Ocean Blvd to Snooky’s!

Sherry and I brought Tammy and the little ones here when they visited.

Sarah and Debby at the table surrounded by heaters!

It was chilly out on the open patio.

We choose this because of the heaters and wanting to be out in the open

for social distancing.

Every other table was empty!

This was the last full day they would be here!

The four days have gone by so quickly.

We packed a lot into it – Mike is a teacher and could not come down.

Maddy is in college with her classes and in the middle of Spring Soccer.

Ella a senior in H.S. Debby – oldest daughter Sarah – youngest of the three – in 8 th. grade

We sat out there on the patio – when I heard Sherry exclaim ‘ THERE HE IS” pointing toward the beach!

She had read a article in the newspaper and seen the interview on TV.

A man who was dressing up as DARTH VADER in Myrtle Beach and walking up and down the beach

entertaining the children – with his Laser –

And he happened to be right here!

Sherry and Ella

Now Ella is a huge – huge Star Wars fan!

For her 16th. birthday as a present – we took her to Florida with us for a week.

And the highlight of that trip was her going to the STAR WARS park.

That was what she wanted to do forever!

DARTH VADER about to walk out on the beach!

So – they both got up – Sherry and Ella – and down the deck they went!

I went up on the top deck so I could get a clear picture of what was going on the beach!

Here Sherry and Ella are nearing DARTH VADER who is Laser fighting with a young boy!

She has Star Wars figurines from her youth – ever since she could walk and talk.

She has seen every movie – over and over again.


This was one of her highlights of the entire trip to visit us at the beach!

And it was all by chance – we wanted lunch – we selected Snooky’s because it was close

And we knew they had heaters outside!

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