Papa’s World – our new home – finally – we have the inside almost done – homeless no more!

Welcome to our new home – after a year – we have moved in!
I have had this CLOWN picture since 1973!

I traded for this picture with my brother – Roger – and I rather like it – but the girls always were afraid of it!

So – on this move – I put him up in the garage over my work area with my tools! LOL

And by his side – a painting a Union rep. friend of mine did while negoatiating a union contract in 1982!

Both – hold dear memories for me.

Welcome to our front porch – we have had all the pine straw removed – and replaced with black mulch.

The three Swedish horses were made as presents for us by he oldest granddaughters!

They even cast the concrete!

The front hallway – with the guests bedrooms and bath to the right – and what we both wanted – the office to the left.

The last year we have had to do all our office routines from a table or counter top after selling our home.

We had a home office there – Sherry has a home business – needing a desk top – telephone –

WIFI – INTERNET and storage for files.

Me – I used the downstairs breakfast table and later the kitchen table in the condo as did Sherry.

We both have desks in here – hers to the left – mine to the right – just like our political natures! LOL

Actually – I am the middle of the road – independent!

But now – I have space – desk and filing system for my daily blog articles!

She in turn has files – printer – desk – computer – WIFY – internet – our phones – and ROOM!

Her home based business is now in year 15 – her contact –

The second bathroom – between the two guest bedrooms.

Our old house was almost 3100 sf. on two floors – we did not need all that room – but still enough for family.

And we wanted in our autumn years – one level – and easy access!

The office is big enough to put a blow up queen mattress on the floor –

The sunroom has a pull out queen sized couch – matress –

and the master bedroom has a twin sized pull out mattress!

The house is just over 1900 heated space with a enclosed – covered screened in lanai.

You actually could put a blow up single on the floor there.

This is the third house we have built from ground up – each has been different – but each has our thoughts and ideas

at the time of the build – some we have carried forward – others not – evolving as we grow older.

I will continue in the next blog – thank you for reading Papa’s World – my blog site:

WHERE WE STARTED – THE GARAGE – a two car garage – but since we only have one car – it has been turned into

shelving – work area and some storage – also a pull down stairs to overhead storage where I have neatly

stacked the xmas crates – suitcases and some blow up mattress’s!

SHERRY ( GRANDMA & MORMOR – mother’s mother) PAPA – ( Tom) Grandpa


To be continued!

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