Papa’s World – a cleansing with morning showers and then the Sun for a afternoon walk on the beach

A look outside from our porch – I heard the rain – a drizzle – cleaning everything in the early morning!
A look to the West as the sky is clearing – the next phase to be built is at the end of this street.
A look once again toward the East and the Ocean as the storm clouds continue to move.

It was a nice rain – lasting maybe a hour.

Enough so everything looked fresh and clean and it was a warm rain – 75 degrees at day break!

Then the Sun came out from behind the clouds!

We had the afternoon sunshine and warming up to 82 degrees!

The water has remained warm also at the ocean.

Making it a perfect way to walk the surf and beach!

Sherry stopping to take a picture of a large fishing boat just off Ocean Isle Beach – a ten minute drive for us to reach.
Ocean Isle Beach

Now that we are settled in and almost all of the repairs we listed have been completed

we are trying each day to go to the beach to walk!

It is so relaxing – and there are still people renting homes here!

We at the time I write this – almost one third of the way through October!

And it has been really beautiful weather –

low 70’s at night – 82 to 84 degrees and sunshine in the daytime!

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Papa’s World – inside our new home – Part 5 – Cameron Woods – Oceam Isle Beach – N.C.

Hallway entrance to master bedroom – great grandmothers desk ( Sherry) numerical location of our prior home – lamp that was a shower present ofr her mothers wedding – a door stopper that belonged to my parents and grandmother – family picture and Mount Nebo church done by my son in law Mike. And a large family history picture of the grandkids to the right.
In the master bedroom looking back to the hall way entrance. We sold all our furniture with the old house – so everything we had to buy and shop for.

The bedroom outfit in each bedroom and all the chairs and couches and kitchen table – end tables – stand for TV and desks in office. Outdoor patio and front porch furniture.

This was given to us as a wdding present form a fellow emplyee who worked with Sherry in the front office and has hung on our bedroom wall in every home we have lived in together. This being home number six!
Our first king sized bed we have purchased – along with a couch that pulls out into a twin bed that Bode used when they were here – all three grankids had a bed to sleep in.

We were worried about beds to sleep in – and we have enough plus our office ( blow up queen mattress to sleep both families) plus we needed storage for clothes and items – by planning with extra drawers and arranging coat closets and linen closets plus the overhead storage in the garage – we have come up with ample space along with oversized night tables and storage shelves under one bed.

This was given to us on 6-25-1982 from Pastor Dan who married us that day in Portville N.Y.

And has hung on every wall of every house we have moved into.

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Master bathroom – all tile and hardwood floors come from Dal Tile where we worked a combined 79 1/2 years before we both retired.
This is the end of the inside of the new home in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

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Before the new mulch – our new home.

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Papa’s World – our new home – finally – we have the inside almost done – homeless no more!

Welcome to our new home – after a year – we have moved in!
I have had this CLOWN picture since 1973!

I traded for this picture with my brother – Roger – and I rather like it – but the girls always were afraid of it!

So – on this move – I put him up in the garage over my work area with my tools! LOL

And by his side – a painting a Union rep. friend of mine did while negoatiating a union contract in 1982!

Both – hold dear memories for me.

Welcome to our front porch – we have had all the pine straw removed – and replaced with black mulch.

The three Swedish horses were made as presents for us by he oldest granddaughters!

They even cast the concrete!

The front hallway – with the guests bedrooms and bath to the right – and what we both wanted – the office to the left.

The last year we have had to do all our office routines from a table or counter top after selling our home.

We had a home office there – Sherry has a home business – needing a desk top – telephone –

WIFI – INTERNET and storage for files.

Me – I used the downstairs breakfast table and later the kitchen table in the condo as did Sherry.

We both have desks in here – hers to the left – mine to the right – just like our political natures! LOL

Actually – I am the middle of the road – independent!

But now – I have space – desk and filing system for my daily blog articles!

She in turn has files – printer – desk – computer – WIFY – internet – our phones – and ROOM!

Her home based business is now in year 15 – her contact –

The second bathroom – between the two guest bedrooms.

Our old house was almost 3100 sf. on two floors – we did not need all that room – but still enough for family.

And we wanted in our autumn years – one level – and easy access!

The office is big enough to put a blow up queen mattress on the floor –

The sunroom has a pull out queen sized couch – matress –

and the master bedroom has a twin sized pull out mattress!

The house is just over 1900 heated space with a enclosed – covered screened in lanai.

You actually could put a blow up single on the floor there.

This is the third house we have built from ground up – each has been different – but each has our thoughts and ideas

at the time of the build – some we have carried forward – others not – evolving as we grow older.

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WHERE WE STARTED – THE GARAGE – a two car garage – but since we only have one car – it has been turned into

shelving – work area and some storage – also a pull down stairs to overhead storage where I have neatly

stacked the xmas crates – suitcases and some blow up mattress’s!

SHERRY ( GRANDMA & MORMOR – mother’s mother) PAPA – ( Tom) Grandpa


To be continued!