Papa’s World – birthday dinner with Sherry at Sharkey’s – Ocean Isle Beach!

The sunrise on Sherry’s birthday – 7-5 looking like a wonderful day.
Before we celebrated I said ” YOU READ ME THE DIRECTIONS” and I will follow – three hours later we were done!
We decided to go to Sharky’s just off the causeway bridge to Ocean Isle Beach with views of the little harbor and ICW!
This is just outside of Sharky’s – sheriffs dock and ramp. Sherry did not know NO TRESS-PASSING until I spotted it!
Before we ordered a little selfie.
The wait was not long and the view was boats coming and going – refueling or picking up to go dinners!
This is what she wanted for her birthday dinner – fish tacos!

It was a very good day – from unpacking to putting the first of two desks together for our home office

and business –

She selected where she wanted to go and being so close – 8 minute drive – and then after – a short walk on the sand of the beach at Ocean Isle Beach –

We are but 15 minutes to another beach SUNSET BEACH!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY – the best is yet to come!


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