Papa’s World – watching a house being moved from the beachfront!

A few blocks North of this beach entrance – a beachfront home was moved a block from the beach!

We had watch them jacking the house up on steel I beams –

cribbing and disconnecting all the electric and plumbing!

A second floor deck had been disconnected and a pool – in ground left there with a cement patio!

A long walkway to the beach with a sitting area at the end.

Two flags on a flag pole still waved in the breeze.

We wondered where it would go and how much this would cost?

The – a block away – lot was cleared – leveled and electric pole put in.

That was when we thought – is it possible it was being moved here?

And then one day last week – the electric went out and back on shortly after –

They – the movers had begun the move at 9:04 AM.

Traffic was blocked off – a lot of police cars and county officials and the moving company

and all of its equipment.

The electric had gone off and back on for them to disconnect the power lines and splice in once again.

The two story house was on the move!

Already crossed over four lanes of Ocean Blvd. moving slowly up the street to make the right hand turn onto Hillside drive.
Almost to the corner of Hillside drive.

A lot of people watching – HOW ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE THE TURN?

Almost there!
About to make the turn!
The turn is made – they would lay down huge wooden pallets for the wheels under the house to travel on the one side of the roadway grass!
From the rear – going down Hillside drive to the cleared lot! You can see the tracks in the road of the swing to make the turn.
Almost there after hours of slowly moving and repositioning the wooden pallets.
Finally in place after almost a full day – well into the afternoon!
Once a beachfront house – now a block away on a side street – the journey to this lot completed.

The house was moved – still left on the huge trailers with wheels.

I am thinking they will start soon to put a foundation under it!

I have no idea how much this cost – but the beachfront lot is worth a million or more.

Sherry Sarah Ella Debby – house and outhouse!

A house at the end of the rainbow! LOL!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Sherry Certified Health Coach – SSC The Juice Plus Company Debby – Certified Health Coach – QMND The Juice Plus Company

Sherry’s website: http://WWW.SF.JUICEPLUS.COM email: Health and Nutrition

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