Papa’s World – Memories from the past – part Seven!

Historical Mt. Nebo Lutheran Church

In North-Western Pa. in the midst of the very ancient Alleghany Moutains –

Sits a village known as Mount Jewett.

A town was built and settled by Swedish Emigrants.

Sherry’s mother and her mother were Swedes – her grandmother was born in Sweden.

Memories of past generations.

Historical Mt. Nebo Lutheran Church

Built in 1885 by the Swedish men – this is a replicate of an actual EIGHT-SIDED church still existing in Sweden. This church was built for them and services were held there regularly through out the 1900s until the early ’60s.

When a new church was constructed by the ancestors of the Swedes of the 1800’s!

Memories of generations!

Today it is on the Historical resgister

It is completely surrounded by graves of those early settlers and this view is almost from the graves of Sherry’s parents and family members.

The interior of the church is a Octogon and consists of two levels.

The mural behind the altar was painted by a traveling artist and signed in the early 1900s.

All the original altar – organ – pews and communion vessels remain.

Memories of a congregation of immigrants.

Nearby is the historic Kinzua railroad bridge – the highest bridge built at the time in the 1800s.

A tornado came through and took down half the bridge – today it is a tourist area and a state park.

It also was the location for the TV series ” FINDING BIGFOOT”!

Memories of a long-gone dream of transit railroad through the mountains.

The little Swedish coffee shop

KAFFE SOL – Swedish for coffee shop – sits in the heart of the town of Mount Jewett.

If you like homemade cooking and great tasting treats of cinnamon rolls etc.

Then this is a must to stop and eat.

But it closes in mid-afternoon so they can go home and start that homemade cooking all over again.

Memories of sights and smells of the past in NWPA!

The center of town and their little town square.

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