Papa’s World – Memories from the past – Part six!

Our Tower Garden on patio two – in our home in Brambleton, Va.

We have been growing our own vegetables for TEN YEARS in the aeroponic TOWER GARDEN!

We were one of the first to do this in the country!

The system is completely run on WATER and AIR and mineral NUTRIENTS!

Because of the winter – we would start in May and grow through October – November!

Now – in N.C. close to the border of S.C. – we are right now – in December and still growing!

Memories of the past become future memories in the present!

Two more TOWER GARDENS in Patio ONE in Brambleton Va.

In Va., we had a total of FOUR TOWER GARDENS going at the same time!

These two were in the main patio – and we also had one with grow lights in the garage!

We had so much produced that we gave it away to the neighbors and family!

Memories of giving – memories of sharing.

The patio became an oasis for growing -plants and vegetables.

The main thing to grow was making sure the reservoir never ran out of water.

If we went away – I had a garden hose nearby and my neighbor would fill the reservoir every three days!

And whenever he wanted he would come over and harvest – he loved the cucumbers!

Memories of Dexter – my neighbor.

Indoor TOWER GARDENS with grow lights!
Today – we are down to one – we sold the others with the house – and now – in five months – as you can see – on the patio – starting our third harvest – having already grown cukes – tomatoes – herbs – now we are growing lettuce and herbs for the Winter growing season!

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD.




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