Papa’s World – new trails -roads – paths – new neighborhood – new chapter for walking health.

Our new neighborhood – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – mainland side – North Carolina

We decided to walk the new trail at the end of our road before the culdesac.

This winds around the pond and through the woods and back to the pond again.

Leaving our new home and walking down the street to the entrance to the trail – path.
The entrance to the trail head with the pond on the right and headed to the woods.
These lots were our first choice had they been available – but they were all purchased – in fact – someone backed out on our wooded lot and we grabbed it right away as we wanted a private back yard.
This is the smaller of two ponds and maybe a third they are developing – the other larger one is in the new construction area and am hoping this trail will eventually be tied into that one!

The new construction area is just over that treeline which is considered a wetland and is protected and will remain that way.

Into the woods – the path winds through the wooded area and in the shade – a lot cooler on a hot 90 plus day!
Sherry walking the path – birds were everywhere! There were areas where it looked like other paths would be planned and paths expanded.

The walk was about 15 minutes long – not quite a mile – but this is only one place to walk –

the other places all together add up to another 3 or 4 miles!

Here we come out of the woods to the opposite end of the pond from the start.
Now we are walking into the culdesac which is behind the tree line in our back yard.

We also could of chosen a lot back in here – but these houses would of been a later closing date.

Walking back up the street toward our new home which is just beyond the last house you see here along that tree line – that house would be our neighbors house.
The street leading back to the house.
SHERRY CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH almost home – just beyond that white truck. The Juice Plus Company home based business

Once again back to the new home – PAPA’S WORLD – – free!



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