Papa’s World – The erosion of the North end of Ocean Isle Beach – saddly – it will be gone.

We decided to drive to the tip of North Ocean Isle Beach

We had not been up there and decided to just explore a little and walk the beach.

What we found was eye opening and very sad!

You can see in this picture just how narrow the beach gets and this was not high tide yet.

Protecting the beach with huge bags full of sand!
You can see it is almost hopeless!
Sherry standing on what remains of the beach!
A friend of mine has told me this area has lost many homes and even streets in the last twenty years!

It is very sad to see – the houses are roped off and no tress passing signs are posted.

They look like the furniture is still there as are the blinds and curtins.

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Farther down the beach from the north end – beautiful – Ocean Isle Beach , N.C.

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