Papa’s World – early mornings – coffee – quiet – sunrises – clouds – hear the birds?

The trees behind the house are alive with the sounds of nature – frogs- cicadas – birds and the gentle breeze of the wind – the leaves – the pine needles –

I am a morning person – waking before sunrise – my favorite part of the day – seeing the breaking of the dawn.

Here – you can still see the lights on the garage – they come on at dusk and off after the Sun shines on them.

Across the street – just peaking through – the pink sky – the sun is about to shine. A new day set to begin.
Think about this sign – live life to the fullest – one day at a time.
Captured a neighborhood about to come alive.
Thank you for reading Papa’s World



The quiet solitude – before the start of the day – neighborhood about to awake!

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