Papa’s Word – Memories of Rocket Launch – Cape Canaveral. Florida.

MEMORY – our first Rocket Launch!

Memory – warm – sunshine and daytime rocket launch – our first and only time!

Sherry – with the launch site in the background at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Across the bay was the launch site – wondering what it would be like and if we could see it!

Beginning of the launch!
The rocket into the sky!

MEMORIES – watching from afar yet it seemed so close!

The rocket is on its way into space orbit!
Thanks for reading: Papa’s World!

MEMORIES of the only time we have watched a rocket launch.

Life is full of wonders and we witnessed one of them.

MEMORIES of times gone past – living life to the plus – one day at a time!

PAPA’S WORLD – Cruise ships – Cape Canaveral, Fla.


THANKS FOR READING – peace be with you – live life one day at a time to its fullest!

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