Papas World – a special kind of friend – my hero.

When you are growing up – at least in my case – you look up to someone.

That person to me was my older brother – by ten years.

My sister was 15 years older – and I really do not remember –

much of her being home – although she took care of me

those first three years of my life along with my grandma

as both my parents were working.

I was sort of the second coming of the family –

and then almost four years later – my younger brother Mike.

But the thing I remember is my older brother Roger.

He was “COOL” as they said back then –

and quite the ladies man – his nickname I later found out –

across the upper portion of his H.S. varsity jacket –

was ” Anyface” !

I was told many a story about him from his friends

and I would hang out on the fringes – when they were all around.

He had a club in our basement – in the backroom –

and he had drawn pictures of Disney cartoons on the wall

and painted them – Chip and Dale – Mickey Mouse – Donald Duck.

And they were really lifelike.

I do not know why and I think they are still there.

He would put boxing gloves on me –

and I would wail away at him or his friends

they – the gloves – were bigger than me

back then I was skinny – so much so –

my Mom would not let me take my shirt off

as she said people would think she was starving me!

Somewhere – he is looking down – that smile on his face-

When he went away to college – I moved into his front of the house room.

This was Rogers room I would think – and I was excited

for he was MY HERO!

I would ask Mom – did you get a letter? Is he going to call?

Will he be coming home?

I could not wait to see him.

And that continued even after I grew up and moved on.

I would always ask those questions of her.

When he did come back home – it was a occasion.

A celebration – dinners – laughing and story telling.

And then – the last twelve years of his life –

once again we became close – very close.

We talked at least once a week and we would go and see him.

Once he came here – and a couple times back home in Eldred Pa.

When my mom and sister were still alive.

He was my Hero in early life and continued to the day he passed.

age 75
my friend and hero

I regret that we could not spend more time together

he wanted us to move to Florida and live with him.

But – life gets in the way.

I feel good because the last four years of his life

we spent 9 weeks each Winter with him

In The Villages – Florida – doing some golf -sipping some brews –

laughing and remembering –

those were the best of times I shall always cherish

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

My brother was my hero growing up

and to the day he was gone – still was

and today I think of him often

Hero’s are rare – once in a lifetime

I was fortunate to have had him.

Thank you Roger for all the good times.



Papa’s World – SWEET 16 our grand daughter ELLA !

I remember the day all those years ago –

when her mother turned the SWEET 16.

Yesterday – it was Ella – our second to oldest grand daughter !

Ella Myers

When she was little – barely walking – she would run to me –

climb into my lap – or around company – hide behind my legs.

We almost lost her when she was really young –

She got something from a turtle –

and she spent almost a week in the ICU and hospital –

so small and so afraid.

A drawing of a Turtle eating a Strawberry
in Pencil drawn by Ella Myers

Now today – she has a roomful of turtles – pictures – memento’s

drawings – who would of guessed !

TINY as her dad calls her

Through the years – from broken foot – to sprained wrist –

To another broken bone in her foot –

She was stepped on in soccer ( her love)

To coming down the wrong way on it –

Sitting out two years of playing soccer –

to coming named as MVP on her JV team –

as a Sophomore –

Now she is once again ready for travel soccer !

TINY no more.
Almost as tall as Sherry who is 5 ‘ 9 “

Turning 16 – drivers permit

about to start her Junior year –

and after TWO YEARS of sitting out travel soccer

She tried out and made the team as a Midfielder!

And – like her sister – can run !

Without practice – she can run a sub 6 minute mile !

With her tiny admirers

In the picture above – a box of LEGO’S – special box –

And a letter from the both of us

She loves Star Wars – and this is a Star wars lego.

The note reads – you are going to Hollywood Studios in Florida.

You will board a airplane – fly down – stay a week with us –

And spend the day in the new STAR WARS AMUSEMENT PARK –

Reading the letter
A Taco holder made to look like a dinosaur

Ella – like Maddy when she turned 16 ( she swam with the Manatee’s )

will celebrate in Florida with us –

a memory they will both remember for a long time.

Sweet 16 birthday party

Today – her and her friends will tube down a river

Soon – in a few weeks – travel soccer practice will begin.

Her older sister will leave for college to begin her college soccer practice.

But – for one day – as it was those many – many years ago for her mother

SWEET 16 !!!!

ELLA ( tiny ) MYERS

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Papas World – exploring Saint Augustine – Florida

After stopping in South Saint Augustine

we decided to park just a block from the historic OLD TOWN!

The harbor at Saint Augustine
We parked and walked the seawall

We had been here maybe four years ago

but decided this time to just take a walk around

and end up at the old fort!

The air was warm – at least to us in the sun!

We walked the old streets and I thought just how commercial

this has all become.

It seemed like every other building was a ICE CREAM STORE!

And although the old buildings were still there

they were mostly shops and places to eat!

I was somewhat disappointed in that I wanted history –

and sadly – it just is not there like I expected!

However – with all these shops
they had provided a place for ME!!!!!

We still walked the old street and made our way to the OLD FORT!

Now that was still like it was all those years ago!

So we walked the sea wall
and straight ahead
is the Fort
with walls jutting out
to make a enclosed little harbor

The fort had walls that looked to me

were built so that a small rowboat

could disembark from a ship

row through a opening

and people could then step onto the steps

leading up to the area outside the fort walls.

We managed to be there at the right time!

As we stood beneath the wall

where the steps from the enclosed harbor were

we were just in time to witness the firing of the cannon!

It was loud and must of been a couple hundred people watching!

I still am amazed that this was built
all those years ago
when this country was so young!

The town itself is impressive when you consider

that there was no place to BUY materials to build it!

They had to shape all these huge boulders

and life them into place!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!

The streets of OLD TOWN
Saint Augustine
almost all commercial now!

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Papas World – A walk in Panther Paw point park!

We decided to drive seven miles away –

To a state park where there was a almost three mile

nature walking path –

Named Panther Paw point park –

because they spotted a panther there

sometime in the past!


The loop ran trough the woods and then around this lake
and the trail around the lake
in some spots
got very narrow
with brush and reeds on either side!
We read this before starting out
and notice the pictures of all
we might observe while walking
we did see a lot of areas dug up
like giant moles had been there
my thought “WILD BOARS”!
Here is a picture map
of the several loops
you can make
This also is a place
where people come to ride horses
there were a half dozen
horse trailers in the lot!
Debbie and Tom
the path leading into the woods
As you can see
stay on the path
its a jungle out there!
After walking through the woods
you break out and start following the lake
The first GATOR we saw
just over the bank
and right near the water
I would estimate 15 to 20
feet from me!
He was big – but not as big
as the next one we saw
still I was nervous
standing there!
Just down from the gator
about 30 feet away
that gator would of been one half the distance

The path itself was 10 to 12 feet wide

with the lake and reeds and bushes and trees on one side

the other side sometimes a fence with pasture

other times just marsh and a lot of bushes

I keep my eyes on the lake side!

And I never saw the gators until I was maybe 25 feet away!

Now- I never saw this fellow
Sherry was following
and she said here is a snake
I had walked right by it!
It was maybe 6 to 8 feet away
She saw it – it raised up
and she backed away
and then she took this picture
when I went back it was slithering away
I told her it looked like a black snake
but still I never saw it!
I would say it was 4 or 5 feet long!
Avery big hawk sitting on a gate
this was pasture land on the right side
away from the lake
there were sections that you could not see through
and the path narrowed down
to maybe 6 or 7 feet wide
making me very nervous!
This guy was huge!
I would say 10 to 12 feet long
those are the hind legs
and the tail was maybe another four foot long
He was really big around and almost black!
This one was maybe 15 feet over the side
of the bank – out of the water
and in the bushes and reeds
there was a trail down to him
and I assume that is where he went
back and forth!

This gator was really big – never moved – I learned later

at that time of day – they are not that active – plus the water

is only around 60 degrees –

They are night hunters and during the day -they warm up in the sun

and heat of the day and digest their food

from the night before!

This one was maybe 200 yards from the other one

which makes me think this was his territory!

It was a beautiful walk
nervous at times
hot in the sun
a half dozen horse riders passed us
The birds and ducks
huddle together
in the middle of the lake
we have been told several times
that gators do not attack in deep water
That is why people swim in the middle of the lakes
and water skiers
are in the water in these lakes
That’s like telling me BEARS don’t bite in the woods! LOL
I hope you liked this little adventure
It was a spur of the moment
lark that we went on!
along with birds horses – riders – and where
Wild boars ( pigs) dug up the ground
or some very GIANT MOLES!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papas World – a little visit to Bok Towers with friends!

We visited our friends from Sherry’s hometown

of Mount Jewett Pa

Karen and Lars

who were friends with her mother and father!

Karen Lars ( from Sweden)
Debbie ( Sherry’s sister)
Sherry and Papa

We had planned this when her sister came

as she also grew up knowing them

They have wintered down here the last 12 years or so!

We decided to go and eat lunch at BOK TOWER!

A place the they took us to four years ago!

to the gardens

If you have not been – it is a rare treat!

Full of plants
and flowers
the lower garden
before the walk
up through the plants
trees and water
to the very tall Tower
Flowers outside where we had lunch!
Walking up the hill
on the paths
to the Bok Tower
The base of Bok Tower
Sherry and Debbie
on the grounds around
Bok Tower
Sherry and Debbie
walking back down the hill
Leaving such a peaceful spot
after listening to the Bells
and organ
and the green growth
and mountain views
of the surrounding country side!
Outside the Cafe

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Papas World ” RIGHT – GO RIGHT – GO RIGHT” !!!

It all happened so fast – Ella was sleeping in the back!

It had been raining since we left Savannah Ga.

Our exit for Rte. 4 was here – to Orlando

We were getting off of 95! Thank goodness –

Those people are crazy zig zagging in and out!

Sherry was driving and I was watching the map quest –

Everyone was going fast regardless of the rain –

But we had stayed in the right lane and about 10 MPH

under the speed limit and our turn was next.

She eased over into the turn lane

There was a big pick up truck in front of us

We could not see beyond him!

All of a sudden his brake lights came on –

Sherry slammed on the brakes

we were not going that fast

we started to slide on the wet pavement

Then there was a boom and I watched as pieces

of his front end started flying out!

He had slammed into the car in front of him –

and we were sliding –

I yelled – ” RIGHT – RIGHT – GO TO THE RIGHT”!

And Sherry did- cutting the wheel –

We slid to the right into the grass

and came to a stop.

We had missed the rear corner of the truck bed

by a matter of feet and inches!

Thank God – it was over in seconds

When he had hit the back end of a Toyota Avalon

He had also gone to his right

Leaving us no way of going around him

So – by going right -we were now facing the side of the highway

and his back end was 4 or 5 feet from

our rear door!

We were very fortunate- it all could of ended right there!

That is as close as you can get!

Thinking back on it – she told me all she could hear is me saying


And she swung it that way.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

We made it

And we are blessed

Papa’s World


Papas World -packing up – going to Florida – Ella

She turned 16 last July.

For her present – she would ride with us to Florida

and then fly back home –

You see – she is a huge Star Wars fan.

So – we will take her to Universal’s Star Wars!

Ella to the top left

When Maddy turned 16 –

we took her to Florida to swim with the Manatee’s!

We are going anyways to spend a warm month in Florida

and the opportunity was there for us to do this.

Sherry & Tom

We also have plans to see friends who live down there

and to meet up with other friends

who travel South for the Winter.

We will take in both coasts – staying in the middle

South of Orlando.

Some have been years and years since we have seen them

although we stay in touch through face book.

Social media is a great place to inter act.

Going to Florida with one grand daughter

making her birthday wish come true

Getting some warm weather – play some golf –

meet up with friends

But – not going to ride anything that goes way up and down

or around very fast

My life in the fast lane is WATCHING! LOL

Thank you for reading Papas World