Papas World – A walk in Panther Paw point park!

We decided to drive seven miles away –

To a state park where there was a almost three mile

nature walking path –

Named Panther Paw point park –

because they spotted a panther there

sometime in the past!


The loop ran trough the woods and then around this lake
and the trail around the lake
in some spots
got very narrow
with brush and reeds on either side!
We read this before starting out
and notice the pictures of all
we might observe while walking
we did see a lot of areas dug up
like giant moles had been there
my thought “WILD BOARS”!
Here is a picture map
of the several loops
you can make
This also is a place
where people come to ride horses
there were a half dozen
horse trailers in the lot!
Debbie and Tom
the path leading into the woods
As you can see
stay on the path
its a jungle out there!
After walking through the woods
you break out and start following the lake
The first GATOR we saw
just over the bank
and right near the water
I would estimate 15 to 20
feet from me!
He was big – but not as big
as the next one we saw
still I was nervous
standing there!
Just down from the gator
about 30 feet away
that gator would of been one half the distance

The path itself was 10 to 12 feet wide

with the lake and reeds and bushes and trees on one side

the other side sometimes a fence with pasture

other times just marsh and a lot of bushes

I keep my eyes on the lake side!

And I never saw the gators until I was maybe 25 feet away!

Now- I never saw this fellow
Sherry was following
and she said here is a snake
I had walked right by it!
It was maybe 6 to 8 feet away
She saw it – it raised up
and she backed away
and then she took this picture
when I went back it was slithering away
I told her it looked like a black snake
but still I never saw it!
I would say it was 4 or 5 feet long!
Avery big hawk sitting on a gate
this was pasture land on the right side
away from the lake
there were sections that you could not see through
and the path narrowed down
to maybe 6 or 7 feet wide
making me very nervous!
This guy was huge!
I would say 10 to 12 feet long
those are the hind legs
and the tail was maybe another four foot long
He was really big around and almost black!
This one was maybe 15 feet over the side
of the bank – out of the water
and in the bushes and reeds
there was a trail down to him
and I assume that is where he went
back and forth!

This gator was really big – never moved – I learned later

at that time of day – they are not that active – plus the water

is only around 60 degrees –

They are night hunters and during the day -they warm up in the sun

and heat of the day and digest their food

from the night before!

This one was maybe 200 yards from the other one

which makes me think this was his territory!

It was a beautiful walk
nervous at times
hot in the sun
a half dozen horse riders passed us
The birds and ducks
huddle together
in the middle of the lake
we have been told several times
that gators do not attack in deep water
That is why people swim in the middle of the lakes
and water skiers
are in the water in these lakes
That’s like telling me BEARS don’t bite in the woods! LOL
I hope you liked this little adventure
It was a spur of the moment
lark that we went on!
along with birds horses – riders – and where
Wild boars ( pigs) dug up the ground
or some very GIANT MOLES!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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