Papa’s World – Over 40 years ago – MEMORIES – when we were young!

June 25th, 1982 – Papa – brown suit – Sherry – as tall as me – our wedding day – The tall young girl – Debby – Sherry’s daughter -next to her – with her arms around the little girl – Tammy – Sherry’s youngest daughter.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – in the early years – not much money but we made it!

Last summer – Papa and my two sons – Troy – with the beard – my oldest and Shawn – my youngest – still lived back in NWPA!

They visited last summer and will be back!

This is me! LOL If only I could putt!

Debby with her family – three girls – and husband Mike – Tammy with her three kids and husband Marcus.

The grandkids are growing up – Maddy graduates from college this spring – Ella will be a junior in college in the fall –

Sarah will be a junior in HS in the fall – Taylor and Cassidy will be in their teens next birthday and Bode will be nine on his next birthday!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

The six grandkids – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – Cassidy always watching over Bode!


Troy – Shawn – Autumn – Andera – Trisha – after a week of good times and fun – will be back! The salt life!

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