Papa’s World – Boardwalk on the beach – upside down house – WONDER WORKS!

Bode – Cassidy, and Taylor getting their harnesses on.

If you are in Boardwalk on the beach – Wonder Works is tough to miss – it is a huge Mansion –

Completly “UPSIDE DOWN”!

I really did not know what to expect – only that some time ago I had asked a family –

that was exiting if it was worth it?

YES – YES – YES they replied – take your grandkids – they will love it and you can go in and out all day long!


Bode – harnessed up and attached to the rail system. Climbing the first set of stairs – up two stories!

Taylor – on her way up two stories!

Cassidy – is on her way up to the first platform two stories up!

Once there – you can head in a number of different directions – on beams six inches wide!

Cassidy – walking the narrow beam – attached to the rail above but only a rope every 3 or 4 feet to grab ahold.

There were routes that had nothing to hang onto other than your attachment to the rail.

The routes would go higher and higher – some 30 to 40 feet off the floor!

And the surfaces would change – always an obstacle course to navigate!

They played up there for over two hours and went up twice!

But – this was only one game to play in this building –

A maze on the bottom floor for LASER TAG – which we also did!

In this room, you did anything you wanted to do – a flash and then your shadow on the wall –

showing your pose – they did this a couple times.

There was a virtual ride where you are strapped in your seat and it moved to whatever was being shown.

For instance a roller coaster for a coal car – up and down and around sharp corners.

The whole time you feel as if you are actually doing it!


A selfie as we sat and waited to watch them above us walking from one story to another.

All in all – we were in the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE WONDER WORKS for over FIVE HOURS!

They loved it and so did we as we also got to do things!

It also is very educational there.

Bode had no fear of heights – like a tight rope – he went from one to another – leaving the girls behind him

Cassidy was the same way but she promised Taylor she would not leave her!

Then it was back outside and an Italian Ice for a treat.

We decided to leave Boardwalk on the beach and drive to Barefoot Landing for an early dinner.

But – to anyone who wants to visit Boardwalk on the Beach in Myrtle Beach –

The upside-down house WONDER WORKS is a treat for yourself and your kids or grandchildren!

NOTE: Check it out online as it does have some height restrictions!

Bode was fine – he passed all the restrictions.

As we leave Boardwalk on the Beach – thanks for reading Papa’s World: MY SITE:


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