Papa’s World – Family time – BOARDWALK on the BEACH!

Papa – Troy and Autumn – Wonder Works or as I call it – “THE UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE”!

We went to Boardwalk on the beach before they went to a buffet for seafood!

Just walking around and going into stores so they could experience this part of Myrtle Beach.

One of the many bars and grills to enjoy!

Andrea and Trisha

Shawn Andrea and Troy – watching all the large fish in the lake.

Boardwalk on the Beach is a place to go for entertainment – eat and do the rides much like an amusement park.

There is a ton of shopping and fun things to watch and do.

Papa Andrea Autumn Troy and Trisha.

Shawn and Sherry

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My oldest son Troy!

Through the eyes of Andrea


Papa’s World – the parents are on their way – last morning with the grandkids – THE PIER!

A painting at the entrance to Sunset Beach Pier.

This was drawn and painted by one of the employees who work at the pier!

The morning – first a beach walk – then two mazes for the kids to work their way out –

and then to the pier to have ice cream before their parents get there from NVA!

View from the pier and in the middle is the MAZE with people walking through it!

Day twelve of having grandkids staying with us!

We were so busy – ferry rides – mazes – aquarium – Boardwalk on the Beach – Barefoot Landing –

Mini golf – beach days – go- carts – music festival – arts and crafts – playgrounds – scavenger hunt –

Fourth of July golf cart parade – fireworks – eating out for lunch and dinners!

Walking – bikes – hoverboards – monopoly (Brunswick)- games – drawing –

Huge tidal pool – riding the waves – sunset slushes and more.

Showing them to be grateful – showing them sharing – just showing them life with MORMOR and PAPA!

Twelfth day – ice cream on Sunset Beach Pier – Cassidy – Bode – MORMOR and Taylor!


The end of twelve days with the grandkids – Sunset Beach Pier – until next summer!

Papa’s World – Boardwalk on the beach – upside down house – WONDER WORKS!

Bode – Cassidy, and Taylor getting their harnesses on.

If you are in Boardwalk on the beach – Wonder Works is tough to miss – it is a huge Mansion –

Completly “UPSIDE DOWN”!

I really did not know what to expect – only that some time ago I had asked a family –

that was exiting if it was worth it?

YES – YES – YES they replied – take your grandkids – they will love it and you can go in and out all day long!


Bode – harnessed up and attached to the rail system. Climbing the first set of stairs – up two stories!

Taylor – on her way up two stories!

Cassidy – is on her way up to the first platform two stories up!

Once there – you can head in a number of different directions – on beams six inches wide!

Cassidy – walking the narrow beam – attached to the rail above but only a rope every 3 or 4 feet to grab ahold.

There were routes that had nothing to hang onto other than your attachment to the rail.

The routes would go higher and higher – some 30 to 40 feet off the floor!

And the surfaces would change – always an obstacle course to navigate!

They played up there for over two hours and went up twice!

But – this was only one game to play in this building –

A maze on the bottom floor for LASER TAG – which we also did!

In this room, you did anything you wanted to do – a flash and then your shadow on the wall –

showing your pose – they did this a couple times.

There was a virtual ride where you are strapped in your seat and it moved to whatever was being shown.

For instance a roller coaster for a coal car – up and down and around sharp corners.

The whole time you feel as if you are actually doing it!


A selfie as we sat and waited to watch them above us walking from one story to another.

All in all – we were in the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE WONDER WORKS for over FIVE HOURS!

They loved it and so did we as we also got to do things!

It also is very educational there.

Bode had no fear of heights – like a tight rope – he went from one to another – leaving the girls behind him

Cassidy was the same way but she promised Taylor she would not leave her!

Then it was back outside and an Italian Ice for a treat.

We decided to leave Boardwalk on the beach and drive to Barefoot Landing for an early dinner.

But – to anyone who wants to visit Boardwalk on the Beach in Myrtle Beach –

The upside-down house WONDER WORKS is a treat for yourself and your kids or grandchildren!

NOTE: Check it out online as it does have some height restrictions!

Bode was fine – he passed all the restrictions.

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Papa’s World – a trip to Broadway on the beach and the Carolina Opry!

Debby Ella Sherry

We drove down to Myrtle Beach to Broadway on the beach – taking Ella and Debby.

Ella was on Spring break from college and her mother drove her down to see us.

While not busy as summer – it was getting there!

Sometimes – just to walk and do a day trip – we drive some forty minutes down here

and use this as our three-mile walk!

In winter – it is like a ghost town!

We had a late lunch – dinner while here before leaving and driving over to Carolina Opry

To see “Time Warp” a musical revue of classic songs from the 60-70 and ’80s!

We are hoping in June this entire family will come for a week!

Not knowing what to expect – they both loved the music and performers.

We had very good seats and the acts were also good.

Ella Debby Sherry on the stairwell of Carolina Opry

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Papa’s World – took a little walk – not our usual – but to Broadway on the Beach – then Myrtle Beach boardwalk – THREE MILES!

I said to Sherry – lets change it up a wee bit – a different walk – scenery – and revisit some places we have not been in a few months!

So – we drove South to Broadway On The Beach – have not been there in months!

One thing I did notice – Barefoot Landing seems to attract more people!

Not many people here and it is almost 11:30 am.

We were able to walk in and out of stores – no crowds – peaceful – and a bright sun shine day – warm!
No matter – we came and did what we wanted to do – walk!

Of course I did not go in EVERY store she did! LOL

We still had a good time for over a hour – walking – looking and yes – sitting in rockers!

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Papa’s World – once again – Wicked Tuna – Myrtle Beach for a bite to eat!

Inside “WICKED TUNA” by the pier – Myrtle Beach , S.C.

We had been out shopping for furniture and were down in this area

by the Boardwalk on the Grand Strand.

We decided to stop back in –

and it was so windy and cold – we stopped our walk and went back to the car

and drove here instead of walking!

On a warmer day – some days are warm and coat less – others – you just do not want to walk!
Looking back toward the boardwalk of Myrtle Beach – note the flags – wind blowing!

We had purchased furniture and needed to plan our second stop!

We had been here before and enjoyed it!

When we went in – we were the only people there!

We had the whole place to ourselves!

The view we had from our table – the pier – deserted and no one on the beach!

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at the WICKED TUNA in Myrtle Beach – S.C.


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Papa’s World – One of the many days in our life – living one day at a time!

A dose of this – a spoon of that – a sip of this – GRATITUDE!

In our life together – for going on almost 40 years –

we do everything together – we are best friends –

if no one is around – we still go on adventures together!

On our daily walk – we sometimes see the three swans!

Our days are almost never planned – unless there are errands to run –

friends to meet to golf –

but other than that – we explore!

We are taking in everything we can until our new house is built!

We also are exploring the area where we will live –

And it is nothing to drive a hour or so to see something we have never seen!

The beach at North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We walk almost three miles a day –

we did back in NVA until it got cold!

But – here – the sun warms you up even though it is in the high 40’s!

Walking the beach is part of that three mile walk every day!

6/10 th of a mile and we are standing looking at the above!

A day in our life – we live each day as it comes!

Always active – even making a garbage trip to the dumpster a walk!

We also can walk the half mile to Walmart if we choose.

Living life to the plus one day at a time.

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Papa’s World – Boardwalk – Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We decided to take a little side trip on our way to Costco!

Since neither one of ever remembered going to the Boardwalk

on the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach –

We thought we would take our time

and follow the beach road from North Myrtle Beach

all the way down to the Boardwalk!

It had been almost 25 years since we vacationed in North Myrtle Beach

and – we were not disappointed!

We parked half way in between the two piers.

And then we walked toward the Northern Pier!

We entered the doors and went out to the open pier

where the fishermen were and the other tourist.

We had walked by numerous shops – places to eat –

a large volleyball complex with multiple courts

and a sand volleyball game going on –

two on two!

The boardwalk continued beyond that pier

but – we decided to return from our starting point

and then walk South to the other pier

about a mile distance between the two.

The southern pier in the distance

The walk back to where we parked the car

was on the boardwalk

but it changed to a paved walk – wide – and lined on both sides

with bushes – plam trees and shade and flowers.

It was not straight but wound from side to side

with benches in the shade.

Places to see and observe the beach
The beach of white soft sand

We decided once we got to the second pier

we would look for a place to grab a late lunch

before we continued on our way to Costco.

We found that place by the pier itself –

actually looked like it was part of the pier

called “WICKED TUNA”

where we made our way to the top and had a great view of the pier

and the beach in both directions!

We had a great lunch sharing some appetizers.

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Sherry and I sitting at the WICKED TUNA

We continued onto Costco – and vowed that when we have to make that trip again – we would include the Boardwalk and this place to sit and have lunch!


Papa’s World – a visit on our way – Myrtle Beach Proper!

We decided to drive the beach road from North Myrtle Beach

all the way down to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk!

We stopped – got out of the car – walked to the beach entrance!

All the way down – we passed house after house

residential living – vacation homes – second homes

beautiful beach front homes!

They look as if they have been here a long time.

I was told that because of the shape of the coast

a long half moon stretching from below Myrtle Beach

all the way North to Wilmington N.C.

Very few storms hit this part of the coast

instead are directed toward Wilmington!

It was a Sunday drive after church virtual service.

A quiet ride with no traffic and heading for Costco!

But – we had never seen the Boardwalk!

We decided to just take our time – explore a little

before going to the store.

Maybe have a light lunch

see the storied Myrtle Beach!

The residential before the boardwalk

I am glad we did this as it gave us a chance to see how people lived.

We have decided that in our future trips to Costco

we would always make this a part of the ritual

driving first to the boardwalk

walk the distance between the two piers

have lunch and enjoy without haste!

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View of Myrtle Beach Beach Proper


Papa’s World – A cool walk on the beach – 3.6 miles

Entrance to the beach

We took our wind breakers – it started off cool!

But – soon they came off and wrapped around our waists.

” It was a cool day” – the song running through my head!

It was one of those days where we just walked and walked!

Sherry – looking at the reflection on the water

You – know – some days are better than others –

Some days you just get lost in your thoughts –

The soothing sound of the surf –

The birds – the warm Sun –


When you live one day at a time –

you reflect back on each of them.

What is the meaning of that day?

Moving forward – one step at a time.

The wonder of nature – the stillness of your mind –

Thinking – wondering and appreciating each moment in time.

Walking – walking – walking

The shells lay crushed beneath your steps

The sky is changing

life is moving on with each step you take.

My glasses are tinted – the reflection is a reflection of time passing

No words – just thoughts – memories flashing by –

Your mind reflecting back what you see.

The upen air – the smell of the sea –

the noise of life continuing on as it has for eons.

Your look at life – your events unfolding as you walk.

You gaze forward realizing you have waled a long ways!
The end of the beach walk – WOW! 3.6 miles – just like that!

Without thinking – without knowing the distance as it past by you –

You have walked and walked – 3.6 miles!

Life is certainly good when all it takes is time – thoughts and memories –

It happens like that –

” ON A COOL DAY” as the song goes –

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