Papa’s World – a trip to Broadway on the beach and the Carolina Opry!

Debby Ella Sherry

We drove down to Myrtle Beach to Broadway on the beach – taking Ella and Debby.

Ella was on Spring break from college and her mother drove her down to see us.

While not busy as summer – it was getting there!

Sometimes – just to walk and do a day trip – we drive some forty minutes down here

and use this as our three-mile walk!

In winter – it is like a ghost town!

We had a late lunch – dinner while here before leaving and driving over to Carolina Opry

To see “Time Warp” a musical revue of classic songs from the 60-70 and ’80s!

We are hoping in June this entire family will come for a week!

Not knowing what to expect – they both loved the music and performers.

We had very good seats and the acts were also good.

Ella Debby Sherry on the stairwell of Carolina Opry

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