Papa’s World – Elvis is in the house – Carolina Opera.

We purchased tickets way back in September of 2022! An ELVIS tribute – three generations progressing from the ’50s

to the late 70’s when he passed away.

Personally – I liked the 50’s music the best as that is when he changed Rock and Roll.

He was the KING – and everyone was following him – from country to rock and roll and R&B. Gospel –

you name it and he was what everyone was copying.

The first performer and the style Elvis had early in his career. This is when all the gyrations came out and all the ladies swooned!

This style is what I liked – as he got older – he was not as moving about as he was here.

ELVIS in the house – ’50s style.

Then came the service for his country and they remade his style – a little more subdued for the ’60s –

but he brought forth the black leather!

All the hits kept coming – I was surprised at just how many he had over 20 years!

Here is the new style – “BLACK LEATHER” and still playing to the audience.

Then in the 70’s came the VEGAS years – heavier and sideburns more pronounced – the famous white suit and cape!

And still, during that time – he kept producing the hits and his style changed – a bit more mature and calmer.

It was here he booked out every performance and to this day still holds the record for most sold

-out shows in a row in Vegas.

We were surprised at how well we enjoyed this show.

All three performers on stage at the end – a great show and we recommend anyone to see it!

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Papa’s World – a trip to Broadway on the beach and the Carolina Opry!

Debby Ella Sherry

We drove down to Myrtle Beach to Broadway on the beach – taking Ella and Debby.

Ella was on Spring break from college and her mother drove her down to see us.

While not busy as summer – it was getting there!

Sometimes – just to walk and do a day trip – we drive some forty minutes down here

and use this as our three-mile walk!

In winter – it is like a ghost town!

We had a late lunch – dinner while here before leaving and driving over to Carolina Opry

To see “Time Warp” a musical revue of classic songs from the 60-70 and ’80s!

We are hoping in June this entire family will come for a week!

Not knowing what to expect – they both loved the music and performers.

We had very good seats and the acts were also good.

Ella Debby Sherry on the stairwell of Carolina Opry

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Papa’s World – the second granddaughter comes for spring break with her mother.

Our daughter Debby and her daughter Ella

They drove down from Lake Holiday – Cross Junction – Winchester Va.

Ella had come home from Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

at the start of her spring break.

Whereas a Freshman – she started on the college soccer team at midfield.

Three generations – Granddaughter Ella Mother Debby Grandmother Sherry

We were excited as it would be the first time for them in the new house.

Debby’s youngest – Sarah – fifteen years old –

stayed home with her father – Mike – as she was not yet on spring break.

They as a family are planning on coming down in June after all are out of school.

While the weather was not real warm – we managed beach time – numerous times.
We showed them Boardwalk on the Beach
And spent an evening at a show at The Carolina Opry!

While visits seem to go by so fast – just not enough time to show them everything.

The upside is they loved where we live and will return.


Papa’s World – Crooked Hammock – Greg Normans – Carolina Opry – with FRIENDS!

PAPA BUCK SHERRY CINDY outside Crooked Hammock Brewery in Barefoot landing S.C.

They stopped and picked us up – we had tickets to see Time Warp at the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach

But first – we stopped at Barefoot Landing at the new Brewery Crooked Hammock.

Sherry had decided to make a switch to beer – as that is what we mostly drink.

She wanted to try it and just see if she would like it! ( SHE DID)!

She and Cindy ordered a flight of four different brews and tasted each one!

She found two she could drink!

Now – when together – she can drink some brews! LOL

We then walked across the street to Greg Normans – bar and eatery.

Yes – that Greg Norman – the Aussie great golfer!

It was a first for us and we had walked past it numerous times.

My lettuce wedge with salmon was excellent and they all said theirs was good as well!


Will go back!

We had tickets – just a short drive down the beach in Myrtle Beach.
To see TIME WARP – music from the 60’s – 70’s and 80’s – what we grew up with!

And it was fantastic!

We knew every non stop song for over one hour – and then intermission!

And then for one hour more – non stop!

Do to the Pandemic and Social Distancing – no one sat in front – side or back of us.

It said the show was sold out but it was less than half full.

Very professional – wearing masks to our seats – and no one within I would say almost ten feet!

It felt good to once again enjoy music and just relax to a very good broad way style revue!

A cast of dozens – top performers – America’s got talent – The Voice and American Idol.

So many talented people who all can sing – dance – play instruments and perform at a high level!

Well – I had a beer – but it was a special time for special drinks!

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