Papa’s World – Ocean Isle Beach fireworks with grandkids.

The moon shining over OIB before the start of fireworks.

It was a warm evening – and the kids were excited – we made our way onto the island and found a spot to park right across the street from the pier – we carried our chairs to a grassy area next to the roadway – we were about to have front row seats!

To our left is the traffic circle and it seemed like hundreds of cars and golf carts were still streaming in and around the circle – most going past in front of us.

Papa and the crew – this was in the other direction from the circle – and there was a constant stream of cars – I have no idea where they went because that end is the end of the island some three miles away.
The opening of the fireworks continued for a one-half hour!
The view – palm trees – and parking lot of the pier – and then the ocean.
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Ocean Isle Beach fireworks with the grandkids!

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