Papa’s World – visiting Auntie ( Sherry’s sister) and going on a boat ride with the Jone’s family!

Kristie about to drive the boat up onto the trailer.

We went to Lake Harris – Sherry’s neice and husband Casey have a boat.

It turned out to be a warm day despite the morning temperature of 54 degrees!

The two daughters couldn’t wait to anchor the boat and swim!

Olivia and Maya about to go in – they played on the beach and swan back and forth.

To them the water was fine – to me it was cold! LOL

I am such a fair weather swimmer – must be warm!

We spent a good two and one half hours on the water – even having lunch on the boat!

Later that day – we all went into Durham to watch the triple AAA Durham Bulls baseball game.

Auntie – Casey – Kristie – Papa – Sherry – cruising the lake.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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