Papa’s World – Early morning – then Lunch at Walhburgers

Early morning – breaking of dawn.


from the top floor – on our lanai – condo!

We selected this condo purely by accident!

I had been searching for furnished places to lease

in Brunswick County – N.C.

when on the site – Zillow – I saw a place that said


And when I expanded the boundaries – this came up!

Every morning with clear skies we see this!

By accident I found this condo for lease

and we jumped on it right away.

At first for two months – then three months.

Finally we expanded it to FIVE MONTHS

before we even packed to come down!

And the bonus for all of this –

is one half mile walk – we are standing here on the beach!

We are in Ocean Keyes –

North Myrtle Beach

and had no idea this existed or that we would be here!

A number of years ago – we took a vacation to tour New England states

Mass. N.H. and Me.

Flying into Boston and renting a car with our friends the McBrides.

Our first Air bnb was in Dorchester Mass.

Home to the famous family THE WALHBURGS!

They had recently been on TV and we watched how they opened their store

You know them through New Kids On The Block

and movies and TV shows.

Well – we wanted yo try out their restaurant

But – a very bad storm of lightening – wind and down pouring rain

came through and it was getting dark

hard to see – so we bailed on it!

For a number of years – we regretted not going!

Then – while we were at Barefoot Landing

we came across this WALHBURGER’S!

What we missed out on back in Dorchester Mass.

We stumbled across here in Myrtle Beach S.C.

and of course we went in and had lunch.

Sherry had the impossible burger

and I had the salad with the burger on top!

We left saying we will come back – good service – good burgers

and a chance to redeem ourselves in not going sooner!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World





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