Papa’s World – golfing at Leopards Chase with friends.

Every week or two we meet up with old friends – we were neighbors back in WNY – to golf.

They live about 35 miles away in Leland, N.C.

We have stayed in touch even though they moved South some 26 years ago!

Sherry and Cindy – on the golf cart at Leopards Chase in Ocean Ridge, N.C.

One of four courses right across the street from where we live in Cameron Woods Community.

The courses are known in the area as THE BIG CATS courses as they all have names of the big cats of the world.

We have been golfing together for about 30 years.

We have traveled the world with them on trips –

and all over the country.

Buck and I have been friends for almost 40 years.

Today he is my golfing partner – we play the girls in a scramble and they usually beat us!

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