Papa’s World – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium.

We have a tight-knit family – and all are in our thoughts and our lives every day.

Debby – Ella and Sherry – an ancient replica of MEGADON!

We had taken them here years ago -and the memories of that long ago the time came back!

Giving them a chance to once again have another memory is what we do – we share with our families those precious memories.

Afterward, we rode the ferry back to Southport where we went to FISHY-FISHY for a late lunch-early dinner.

We showed the waterfront to them – walking around –

What a great way to end our trip – a ferry boat ride both ways

and then food –

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

SARAH – SHERRY – PAPA – DEBBY – ELLA – Took the family to Fort Fisher Aquarium!

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