Papa’s World – when golfing – Irish eyes are smiling!

Good day to Ye!

My wife is of a Swede descent – and I am of Irish descent.

Our friends – he is also of Irish descent – and I think she is also.

The smiles of golfing friends!

We have known each other for almost 40 years!

And when we first started golfing together – Sherry and Cindy had not golfed!

They made fun of us washing the balls while they wore gloves to keep their hands warm!

That was back in WNY where we all were neighbors!

Papa – after hitting his drive on a par three – we pared the hole!

Today – that is much different as they have gotten quite good!

Sherry and Cindy – after the rain started – this time we were even after seven holes!

We play a scramble – us vs. them – and lately – they have given us strokes –

it is hard to beat pars – and we can’t putt! LOL

But – friends – laughs and golf and smiles – make for a great day!

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