Papa’s World – Shopping – walking Southport, N.C.

Southport, N.C. waterfront.

This was the first time – shopping in Southport!

Our neighbors Diane and Steve walk ahead with Sherry.

We came here for the market that was in the town park.

A lot of interesting vendors and local artists.

I bought a watercolor of the Kindred Spirit mailbox on Sunset Beach-Bird Island.

What drew me to this watercolor was the beauty and detail but also it was by a local artist named

V. Ryan Lauzon – who is 94 years old and still painting!

Her daughter showed me a picture of her and she is amazing!

I found this to be interesting – vine on brick building!

Waterfront in Southport where the Cape Fear River flows into the ocean.
Diane and Sherry walking the streets to find consignment shops!
Sherry and Diane are on a corner of streets full of little shops!

I even met the man who started GOLF BALLS for WOUNDED WARRIORS – Bob Duke!

He cleans and packages thousands of donated golf balls –

displays them all over the county – and sells them for $5.00 and $10.00 a dozen –

and every penny goes to WOUNDED WARRIORS!

He has made $100,000.00 of dollars for the nationwide WOUNDED WARRIORS PROGRAM!


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