Papa’s World – Family time spent together.

Family time – father and daughter – PRICELESS!

Papa – Ella Maddy ( her boyfriend Kendrick) Sherry – we stopped in Lynchburg, Va. on our way back to OIB to see them and have breakfast.

Both granddaughters are in college there and Maddy will graduate this year.

Fun time even though it was short – granddaughters!!!!!!!

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Marcus – Taylor – Tammy and Cassidy – both granddaughters straight “A” s for three semesters in a row!

Cassidy did this besides practicing for six months for the play The Little Mermaid!

Taylor – who loves horses and rides every week and sometimes works in the stalls.

They went out for a treat for the straight “A” s.

Cassidy – Tayor and Bode – grandkids – visiting them in Leesburg, Va.


Thanks for reading Papa’s World – FAMILY TIME SPENT TOGETHER –

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