Papa’s World – our granddaughter – Cassidy in Little Mermaid.

She has been in practice for six months – she played a Starfish and a Swan – in all the performances.

She did not try out for a speaking roll as she still is shy but has a beautiful voice.

Cassidy as a Starfish – she danced on stage and did a cartwheel in both directions and sang.

We were amazed at the costumes and the skills of the 6-7 and 8th. grade cast members.

Cassidy is on the right dancing and singing – once she gets over being shy – she will shine – she sings in front of the congregation in the choir and does vocals in a youth group band.

Cassidy as a swan between her sister Taylor and mother Tammy.

As a swan she danced and sang – she was very graceful.

Our shy little Cassidy – getting more brave to perform in front of a audience.

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Our granddaughter – Cassidy – Starfish and Swan in The Little Mermaid – 2 1/2 hour production.

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