Papa’s World – Through the years – now living in the Carolinas!

Our married life began on June 25th. 1982 in a little town in WNY – called Portville!

We both worked for the American Olean Tile Company in Olean, New York.

We combined two sets of children – my two sons and her two daughters – although my sons lived with their mother.

We traveled with all four on vacations and weekend events.

Troy – my oldest son and Shawn my youngest – both still live back in NWPA where we all are from and raised.

They have been down to visit last summer and hoping they come once again.

Our lives with our family are so important – and hoping all will visit this summer!

Mother and daughters and their families. Debby – is the oldest on the left and Tammy is the youngest on the right.

Our life together reflects the above in our values as a family.

Today we move forward in our retirement in the Carolinas – living our dream of the salt life one day at a time!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –


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