Papa’s World – Life with SHERRY!

A number of years ago – we had this taken – today – they have all grown so much – the next picture was taken last year!

And now there is MARLY – the Goldendoodle of the Krohn family – the kids love her! LIFE WITH SHERRY!

Sherry and her very close friends Cindy and Dottie – for 40 years – sharing life with SHERRY!

When Cassidy was on the left and Taylor was small – this was the year SHERRY retired from Corp America! Almost 12 years ago!

At a winery in California in the area of the wine country North of Sacramento.


Doing shots on the ICW marshes with Pam and Bob – my grade school buddy!


Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – before the wine tour at our home in Brambleton, Va.


Our grandkids – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy – and Bode – note how Cassidy takes care of Bode – to this day – still the same way!


LIFE WITH SHERRY has led us to PLAN B – living the salt life – one day at a time and life to the plus in the Carolinas!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – always through the years – friends – LIFE WITH SHERRY in PAPA’S WORLD!

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