Papa’s World – Memories through time!

Debby – and Sherry – before we went to the Elton Awards for the Juice Plus Company – have to obtain certain statuses for an invite to the company.

Debby is a QMND and Sherry is an SSC for the company. Daughter and mother working together for better health.

A number of years ago in the California wine country – celebrating life and exploration.

Sometimes eight or more years ago – beach vacation and the granddaughters and the only boy!

Note how Cassidy takes care of Bode and that remains that way to this day!

Cassidy – pulling her beach board – when she was young!

Taylor with her floaty at the beach – when she was young!

Me and my two boys – Troy to my right and Shawn to my left – Shawn has won the Pa. State Champion in nine-ball and will go to Vegas.

Thanks for reading and seeing my memories through time.



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