Papa’s World – On OIB for sunrise – boats racing out of the bay!

Papa – predawn – on Ocean Isle Beach by the groin – waiting for sunrise, cool enough for a hooded sweatshirt – SALT LIFE!

The beginning of the sunrise over the groin on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Sherry standing against the beginning of the sunrise. We could hear this sound coming from the bay behind us – I thought

it was an airplane as it got louder and louder!

We lost count at 40 as fishing boats raced out of the inlet beyond the groin wall – spreading in all directions!

The loud noise we heard was the roar from the boats as they came out of the inlet to the open ocean!

I can only guess that it might have been a fishing contest and this was the start!

A police car parked to the right of us on the beach observing the boats racing to the ocean!

Whatever it was – it was loud and echoed across the inlet!

PAPA’S WORLD – we not only see the sunrise – but hear the boats racing out to the ocean – an added bonus to our

visit OIB for the predawn sunrise – thanks for reading – my site:

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