Papa’s World – Looking at the Past!

Thanks to this man – our past is preserved in our National Park systems – keeping America beautiful and preserved.

Our national parks are priceless – seeing what the long-ago past was like!

The beauty of a sunrise on the beach in N.C. What it must have looked like hundreds of years ago!

Sunset over the marsh of Sunset Beach, N.C. The wonder of nature painted in the sky!

The resources of the ocean and the wildlife around it!

Conservation of the environment – clean air – clean water – recycling – part of our lifestyle.

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Papa’s World – Walking OIB to see the sunrise!

The sun creeping above the horizon on Ocean Isle Beach – GOOD MORNING!

Our Monday morning walking group decided to walk the beach instead of the park – to see the sunrise!

In the middle we had our daughter Tammy and her son Bode along with us to walk – she also chose to run as did Bode!

Tammy along with Sherry and Bode walking and looking for shells – you can just see Bode as he is shell hunting!

Only eight years old – he got out of bed and came with us as we left the house at 6:15 am.

Standing before a beach castle someone made above the surf line – Bode – who also ran with his mother!

The sky turns orange over the water as the Sun rises!

Diane and Sherry walk toward the Groin as the sun peaks above the horizon.

The views are just beautiful!

A look back at the way we had come!

Notice the reflection on the White House!

Tammy and Bode looking for shells as the sun nears rising!


Thanks for reading – it was a way to get exercise and enjoy the beauty of the area we live in!


Papa’s World – On OIB for sunrise – boats racing out of the bay!

Papa – predawn – on Ocean Isle Beach by the groin – waiting for sunrise, cool enough for a hooded sweatshirt – SALT LIFE!

The beginning of the sunrise over the groin on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Sherry standing against the beginning of the sunrise. We could hear this sound coming from the bay behind us – I thought

it was an airplane as it got louder and louder!

We lost count at 40 as fishing boats raced out of the inlet beyond the groin wall – spreading in all directions!

The loud noise we heard was the roar from the boats as they came out of the inlet to the open ocean!

I can only guess that it might have been a fishing contest and this was the start!

A police car parked to the right of us on the beach observing the boats racing to the ocean!

Whatever it was – it was loud and echoed across the inlet!

PAPA’S WORLD – we not only see the sunrise – but hear the boats racing out to the ocean – an added bonus to our

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Papa’s World – walking the East end of OIB for sunrise with friends from N.H.

Our friends – Bob and Pam came in their RV to a campground near us for a four-day visit.

On the last full day here – we all got up before dawn – we stopped by to pick them up –

and we went to Ocean Isle Beach to the far North East end – to see the sunrise.

The weather had changed – a hurricane was coming into Florida and a cold front had arrived!

The beach was deserted – lonely – awaiting the storm to come through in a couple days.

The sunrise starts on a cold gray morning and an almost deserted beach.

We should have done this! LOL, It was breezy and cold.
This would be as good as it would get – time to go!
Bob Papa Pam Sherry – I want warm weather!

Now, this is more like it! LOL

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – not saying goodbye old friends – but until we meet once again – LATER!

Papa’s World – old friends from N.H. living the salt life in OIB, N.C.

Papa’s World – Sunrise at OIB with the Goodmans!

Pam and Sherry on OIB – it got cold – the storm was on its way – but we made it to the beach for sunrise.

On the North East end of OIB – deserted in the early morning – just the sound of the surf.

The sunrise peeking through the clouds on a chilly morning!

Sunrise on the beach – major storm on its way from Florida – Tropical storm here.
Bob – Papa – Pam and Sherry – great friends who are RV – ing – stopped to see us.

LIFE IS GOOD at the beach for SALT LIFE! Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

PAPA’S WORLD – Sunrise at Ocean Isle Beach – with friends in N.C.