Papa’s World – Grandkids – GOKARTS – Slushes – oh my!

Cassidy, Bode ( not tall enough to drive), and Taylor are going around the track.
Cassidy and Bode – these two-four years apart – but they are more like twins!
Cassidy and Bode – she did well for the first time ever driving.
Bode and Taylor – on the second time – Bode says afterward – I want to ride with Cassidy – she goes faster!
Cassidy – by herself – both girls respected the course rules and did not do anything reckless.

They both remind me of their mother Tammy driving around and around.

From a distance, I thought it was her.

We also found out that the show Hightower on Paramount – was filming there.

They were there once and the next day shooting again.

We passed the enormous white tents of the production crews –

and there was a flashing traffic sign announcing the date and shooting of the show.

Taylor waiting to start.
Taylor – Bode – Cassidy, and Sherry – their MORMOR

After going on the go-karts twice – it was down time –

we stopped for Italian ice and then into the park to just relax and enjoy the evening.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

PAPA’S WORLD – Grandkids – Go-Karts – Slushes – OH MY!!!!

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