Papa’s World – And just like that – granddaughters graduate from Elementary school!

I can see it like it was yesterday – taking them to pre-school – singing a song!

Twins – dressed alike and their little HELLO KITTY backpacks!

They are different – Taylor was the bigger – in fact, the reason they were brought into this world early!

Cassidy at 3 lbs and Taylor at almost 4 lbs.

For some reason, she was getting all the nutrients and growing – so at 32 weeks plus a day or two

the doctors decided it was time – and it also was their mother’s birthday!

So now we celebrate birthdays in threes!

First day – Taylor and Cassidy.

Cassidy is the one who calls every week to talk to her MORMOR ( mothersmother) Swedish.

While she looks short – she is of average height – Taylor is going to be tall like her MORMOR!

Cassidy does soccer while Taylor has ridden horses since she barely walked.

Today they are both alike and different.

Taylor and Cassidy

Taylor would spend all her time riding and carrying for horses.

Cassidy – searching YouTube for projects to make – she is really good at that.

And just like that – going into Middle School!

Our little ones with the HELLO KITTY backpacks –

So grown up and doing their own things.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World



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