Papa’s World – honoring those who have served past and present – Memorial day.

My stepfather John Soules

My own father passed away when I was nineteen years old – ten years later – my mother remarried

and John Soules Jr. became my stepdad.

I knew he was in the war – but he never talked about where or what he had done.

I knew he had been wounded – but I did not know how serious.

I knew he captured a German SS officer out of uniform in a castle.

But I never knew about all the meadals.

After my mother passed away – I came across this write-up of him in her box of memories.

I was once told by a friend if the family named SKEET –

“You know your stepdad is a real-life war hero”!

After reading this I understood what he was talking about.

Thank you John “Jr” – for what you did – RIP. A true WWII hero.

Sherry’s mother and father – Barb and Bill.

He became like an older brother -father to me after we were married.

He made me promise to never tell anyone what he told me about the war.

So – I have not said much of anything except what he said I could.

One story was about him and several men in fox holes in the darkest hours of the night.

It was very cold and snow on the ground.

They could see movement across the span of white snow.

They were scared and thought the Germans were going to creep upon them.

They spent all night watching and waiting – barely breathing and so cold.

Any moment they expected an attack and were so scared.

In the dawn, they could now see what they thought were German soldiers

was leaflets that had been dropped from planes on the ground.

Some had been caught on bushes and were fluttering in the breeze.

This was a story he said I could tell and later it was funny to him and the other men.

But for that period in the night – it was hell waiting.

William “Bill” Overbeck

In the end, he was in Berlin and was a driver for a general.

He told of going to a movie theater and watching newsreels.

I wish I could say more but he made me promise so I will honor that

as I honor another WWII hero.

Thank you Bill for your service and RIP.

You have my word.

Our decorations to honor all who have served this country
Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

Honoring those that have served – past and present – on Memorial day.

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